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16 September 2022
How to Make Weed Nerd Ropes: An Easy Recipe to Try at Home
Content What will I need?How long does it take to cook?DirectionsTipsWhat dosage should I choose?How long does it take to kick in?High there and welcome to the culinary part of our blog, where we explore how to take your edible game to the next level. We’ve been posting our cannabis edibles recipes for months, and now it’s time to talk about how to make THC Nerd ropes.
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10 August 2022
Fantastic Weed Cookies Recipe
ContentPreparing CannabutterBefore You StartIngredientsInstructionsPotencyWhat up, folks! Most of us like to have our little J or bowl, while some prefer other ways of ingesting the plant. However, there’s one route of administration that is by far the most efficient and potent of all. Eating cannabis has been practiced since time immemorial. Being processed in the liver, THC turns into its 11-hydroxy metabolite, which makes this way of ingesting weed much more potent than any other. 
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potent cannahoney in 7 steps
2 December 2021
How To Make Cannabis Honey In 7 Easy Steps
Content What is cannabis honey?What should I use for this recipe?Is there a plant-based version of weed honey?What you’ll needInstructionsTips on dosing THC-infused honey
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26 October 2021
Haunting Halloween Edibles: A Full-Course Recipe
Wondering what to cook in your Halloween cauldron this year because getting spooky doesn’t come without the munchies? In this article, we serve you an epic three-course meal of Halloween edibles that will give you a glimpse of the afterlife while you get higher and higher like a bat out of hell.
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best strains for edibles
18 October 2021
Best Strains For Edibles: Your Secret To Making Potent And Delicious Meals
It’s time to talk best strains for edibles. Whether you want to make infused brownies, cocktails, or an Italian pasta dish, there’s still one thing left to consider: which strain to use! In this article, we’ll tackle the various factors you should consider when making marijuana edibles, then clue you in on what we consider to be the best strains for them.
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15 September 2021
DIY CBD Dog Treats Recipe
Content Why Making Your Own Dog Treats Is Best Benefits of CBD for Dogs What You Will Need Instructions Best CBD Strains to Make Pet-Safe CBD Oil Get those tails wagging real good with this delicious and dog-friendly CBD dog treats recipe. CBD-rich cannabis is to dogs what catnip is to cats, so these all-natural healthy CBD dog treats are sure to be a slobbery favorite in your home.
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19 August 2021
Jolly Rancher Edibles Recipe in 8 Easy Steps
Content Why use jolly ranchers to make edibles?What you will need to make THC jolly ranchersLet's get started!Jolly rancher edible: recipe extra's and potency
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12 August 2021
Space Cake Recipe - Otherworldly Edible To Make At Home
Content What is a space cake?Space сake ingredientsEquipment neededMaking space cake step-by-stepBe aware of the THC dose per portionSmoking weed is always a simple and classic way out, but sometimes our inner child is begging to have something sweet while our inner cannabis connoisseur is asking for a fresh and elevated experience. Luckily, all of those sides of us can be easily satisfied by taking a bite of a delicious yet potent edible. Keep on reading, because today you’re going to learn how to bake one of the edible staples, a space cake, at home!
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3 August 2021
How To Make Weed Firecrackers: A Potent Edible in under an Hour!
Content What is a cannabis firecracker?IngredientsEquipmentStep-by-step directionsPro tips for fancier firecrackersYou don’t have to be a five-star chef to make some stellar edibles. Sometimes it’s nice to switch it up, set down the joint, and enjoy a tasty treat for an out-of-this-world experience. Weed firecrackers are a classic DIY edible that anyone can make, and we’ve got the recipe for you.
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