cannabutter with stems
2 May 2020
Learn How To Make Cannabis Stem Weed Butter
Cannabis-infused butter, or cannabutter, is the gold standard when it comes to making weed edibles. Did you know that cannabutter can be made with stems? If not, no worries! It’s just as easy as making regular cannabutter, and a great way to utilize resources when times are scarce.
how to make cannabis brownies
29 April 2020
How To Make Weed Brownies: A Simple Recipe For The Legendary Chocolate Treat
Weed brownies are legendary among cannabis edibles for a reason: they’re easy to make, devilishly good, and get you high as the sky. Even if you’re a total amateur in the kitchen, it’s worth giving this recipe a try and making a sheet of these comforting weed-infused chocolate brownies – your efforts will be highly rewarded! Follow us through this simple recipe and, by the end of it, you’ll be ready to make your own pot brownies with ease.
how to make pot butter with stems
20 March 2020
How To Make Your Own Cannabutter At Home
When you think of consuming marijuana, smoking* it is probably the most common method. However, there are some alternatives like cannabis-infused meals or edibles. Practice has shown that, in this regard, cannabutter is the most versatile product – you can use it to create all sorts of edibles. In this article, we’ll be sharing a classic and foolproof weed butter recipe, so get your utensils ready and let’s start cooking!
20 April 2020
Ways To Use Already Vaped Bud (AVB)
Did you know that you can use the leftovers from your vape sessions? That’s right – that dry, crispy, dark bud is still chock-full of THC and other cannabinoids even when you’re done with it. This stuff is called AVB, which stands for already vaped bud, but is also known as ABV (already been vaped). Saving your vaped weed requires a bit of patience, but it all pays off with these sweet ways to put that jar of AVB to good use. 
How To Decarb Weed
2 April 2020
How To Decarb Weed
If you’ve ever been interested in making your own edibles, you may have run across the first step in your recipe as being to “decarb your weed.” But what exactly is decarbing and why is it necessary? Doesn't weed just get you high however you ingest it? While the answer is actually much more scientific, the process of decarbing is easy enough to follow, so you'll be properly informed and never have to purchase edibles ever again.
pot cupcakes
23 March 2020
How To Make Weed Cupcakes
Every sweet tooth out there knows that an energizing sugar rush is not just a myth, and that a good dessert can significantly increase the level of the happiness hormone, endorphin, in one’s body. Luckily for us, some genius once decided to combine the pleasure of eating sweets with getting a high from cannabis, and edibles flooded our world. Today, we want to introduce to you a recipe for a weed-infused chocolate cupcake worthy of the best coffee shops around the world!
Cannabis Vodka
7 June 2020
Cannabis-Infused Vodka: Two Recipes For The Hard-Hitting Duo
There’s a wide variety of opinions when it comes to whether someone should combine alcohol with cannabis consumption. Many have experienced what’s known as “being crossfaded”, or being both drunk and high, with varying effects. However, some seem to point toward alcohol being beneficial to and even enhancing your cannabis experience. If you’re interested, here’s how you can learn how to properly and safely consume alcohol and cannabis together.
weed stem tea
9 April 2020
Got Leftover Stems? Here’s How To Brew Tea With Them
Although weed tea might sound like the latest hype product coming out of the legalized cannabis market, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption out there. Even better, cannabis tea can be easily made at home using weed stems – the byproduct that would otherwise go to waste. Continue reading to learn about all of the benefits of marijuana stem tea and get some helpful tips on brewing it at home.
weed lemonade
4 June 2020
Weed Lemonade: Simple Recipes For Your Next Favorite Summer Drink
Summer is right around the corner and you may be starting to ask the heavens for a drop of rain or a cool gust of wind. As much as we love weed, when the numbers on thermometers grow higher and higher, our favorite herb can’t do much to save us from heat. Well, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a special solution for you! Of course we do, and it’s weed lemonade – a beautiful refreshment that keeps you cool while also getting you high. So, get your lemons ready and continue reading!