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4 March 2022
Calculate Electricity Costs of Growing Weed
Content Why Do You Need to Calculate Electricity Costs?A Simple Formula to Calculate Electricity CostsReal-Life ExampleHow to Save on Electricity Costs
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13 September 2021
Best Cannabis Strains for Focus and Concentration
Some days we just need a little extra help. For whatever reason, our focus and concentration levels may not be as good as we want – and there’s only so much coffee a person can drink. Luckily, certain strains of cannabis are conducive to mental focus and concentration. In this article, we highlight the different benefits Sativa and Indica varieties have on focus and list ten strains to help you get your work done.
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Common mistakes you should avoid when using led grow lights
20 October 2020
Are You Using Cannabis LED Lights Wrong? Here Are Top Mistakes You Should Avoid
Content Picking the wrong LED grow lightPicking low-quality LED lightsPicking weak or beginner LEDsNot setting up the light scheduleKeeping LEDs at an improper distance
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how to make weed potent
29 April 2020
How To Increase THC In Cannabis: Proven Methods And Dangerous Myths
One of the primary goals of recreational cannabis growers is to increase THC levels in their crops. Some medical growers also want high THC content to make their weed suitable for several medical applications. The good news is there are things you can do before, during and after growing your crop to encourage heightened THC production. This article discusses how to increase THC levels with some tested methods, as well as some with unknown effectiveness. Read on to get these tips and tricks to make your weed stronger in THC.
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best growing lights
14 February 2020
How To Choose The Best Cannabis Grow Lights
Content Varieties of grow lightsThe role frow lightsCFL grow lightsT5 gow lightsHID lightsTypes of HID lightsMH lightsHPS lightsCMH lightsLEDs 101Choosing LEDs
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marijuana light schedule
Cannabis Light Schedule For Seedlings, Vegging And Flowering Photoperiod Weed, And Autoflowers
Content Photoperiod strainsCannabis seedlingsOptions for the seedlingVegetative stageOptions for the veg stageFlowering stageFlowering stage optionsLight schedule for auto strains
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