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how to grow weed in the woods
6 April 2022
Growing Cannabis In The Woods: The Stealthiest Method Of Them All
Content Pros and Cons Of Growing In The WoodsHow-To: Guerilla Growing In The WoodsPick The Right StrainConsider The ClimateChoose The SpotThink Of An AlibiKeep Your Grow Secret
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4 March 2022
Calculate Electricity Costs of Growing Weed
Content Why Do You Need to Calculate Electricity Costs?A Simple Formula to Calculate Electricity CostsReal-Life ExampleHow to Save on Electricity Costs
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7 February 2022
Natural Plant Growth Regulators for Cannabis: From Seed Germination to Flowering
Content Growth regulators used by cannabisGibberellic acidAuxinsCytokininsEthyleneAbscisic acidSome other Important regulatorsJust like the human body, plants regulate all aspects of their lifecycle with hormones. Hormones signal molecules, which are produced in one organ and get transported to another organ or tissue where they set in motion various processes. By mastering these plant growth regulators, cannabis growers can take their game to the next level.
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Lunar Calendar 2021 For Cannabis Growing
29 December 2021
Lunar Calendar 2022: Cannabis Growing According To The Moon
Content Basic terminologyPutting knowledge into practiceMoon's cyclesMoon's phasesTidesCannabis, the moon cycle, and constellationsSunlight exposure is so important to an outdoor grow that the other half of the day often gets forgotten: night, when the moon is (usually) out. Of course, the sun is vital to cannabis growing, but the moon also plays an important role in the growth of all plants. By using a lunar calendar during your cannabis grow, it’s possible to maximize the productivity and potency of your home plantation.
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3 December 2021
How to Grow Giant Cannabis Plants
There was a time when only weed farmers were capable of growing huge cannabis plants. You’ve probably seen the Instagram photos of crops so big that they look more like oak trees than our beloved ganja. But nowadays, the recreational grower is blessed with an abundance of options and strain choices, meaning that growing a huge cannabis tree is no longer out of reach. In this article, we highlight the most important factors of growing giant cannabis plants and tell you how to go about it.
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24 November 2021
ScrOG Growing Method
Content What is ScrOG?ScrOG usageTools for ScrOGHow to ScrOGPlant placementScreenVegetative stateFlowering stageYield increaseStrains for ScrOGUseful tips
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16 November 2021
Leaving Cannabis Plants Unattended: Tips and Tricks for Keeping Them Alive
Content How long can you leave your plants unattended?Can you leave hydroponic systems unattended?Consider the growing cycleLeaving plants in veg cycleLeaving plants in flowering
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Sog growing method
28 October 2021
The SoG Growing Method Explained
Content Pros and consHow to make your own Sea of GreenSea of green step by stepWhich strains are the best for SoG?Important details of a successful SoG
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19 October 2021
Revegetation of Cannabis : Friend or Foe?
Content What is revegetation?Accidental revegetationSymptoms of revegetationWhen can cannabis reveg accidentally?Solutions to reveggingPlanned reveggingWhat can planned revegging be used for?
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