Growing Methods And Techniques

low stress training
13 February 2020
Low Stress Training (LST) vs High Stress Training (HST)
Training your cannabis plants is important because it can dramatically increase the yield and quality of your crop. Low stress training (LST) and high stress training (HST) techniques can help achieve this through minimal monetary investment and a little extra time. LST involves bending your plants into a desired shape, and HST methods are based on intentionally wounding the cannabis plant.
how to germinate cannabis seeds
16 August 2020
How To Germinate Marijuana Seeds And Get Healthy Shoots Every Single Time
All cannabis plants, whether tall and lanky Sativa trees or compact and sturdy Indica bushes, start from a single weed seed. This tiny brown nut contains everything necessary to eventually yield hundreds or even thousands of grams of potent buds! However, to reach that point, it’s important to place the seed in a special environment that will trigger life inside it, crack the shell open, and let the roots and stalk out.
fimming vs topping
4 February 2020
Topping Vs. FIMming
Topping vs. FIMming cannabis plants – the age-old debate. Both are high-stress training methods that can drastically improve the quality and quantity of your harvest. By sacrificing a part of the plant early in its life, one can get a greater number of tops and therefore more colas – but how does this work? Which is the better method for training your plants? Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each method and their suitability for various growers.
The Best Way To Grow Cannabis
14 January 2020
Every Step To Consider Before You Start Growing Your Own Weed
Growing cannabis is one of the most rewarding things you can choose to do. This enjoyable pastime will leave you enriched with a repertoire of cannabis knowledge and buckets of cannabis buds to be used in any way you like. But before you get down to business, let's take a look at everything you need to take into consideration and find the best growing option to fit your intentions and available means.
Learn How To Trim Weed
2 September 2020
Learn How To Trim Weed And Improve Your Buds’ Potency And Quality In A Snip
There’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than watching a cannabis plant grow for a few months. We take good care of it by feeding and looking out for distress signs. Eventually, after some time passes and the plant grows to its full potential, it’s finally time to trim the weed.
stealth micro grow box
26 March 2020
Micro And Stealth Cannabis Growing
If you don’t have the space for more than a few plants, considering a cannabis micro grow is a good call. You only need a couple square meters to get started, whether that’s in your closet, dresser or out in the garden. Even though a micro grow is a small operation, that doesn’t mean it isn’t still a lot of work! You’ll have to pay special attention to detail, taking into consideration the lighting, environment and strain.
how to grow in coco
19 March 2020
The Beginner’s Guide To Growing In Coco Coir
Over the past few years, coco coir has become an increasingly popular growing medium among beginner and expert cannabis growers alike. Why is growing weed in coco so prevalent in the cannabis cultivation scene? It’s simple. Growing cannabis in coco can make a good grow even better when done right, offering both healthier plants and higher yields. If you’re interested in learning all there is to know about coco coir, this article will get you started.
Sog growing method
16 February 2020
SoG Growing Method
‘Sea of Green’, or ‘SoG’, is a popular and efficient cannabis cultivation method for indoor growers that allows them to quickly grow a number of large, dense buds using a minimal amount of space. This technique originated from the realization that the best buds in a plant are those that are closest to the light – the lower part of a plant tends to yield a sizeable amount of smaller, airy flowers that don’t get the chance to fully develop. While there’s nothing wrong with these, they don’t compare to those found closer to the top of the plant. The purpose of SoG is to create a flat canopy of tops, since growing lots of small plants is better than fewer big plants.
11 February 2020
ScrOG Growing Method
The Screen of Green technique (ScrOG) is an increasingly popular advanced growing technique that allows an efficient use of small grow spaces. ScrOG involves the use of high-stress training techniques – such as topping and lollipopping – in combination with a screen to create a dense, structured canopy. With the help of this method, plants are trained to grow horizontally during vegetation, thus receiving an equal amount of light.