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23 January 2023
Strawberry Lemonade Grow Diary and Strain Review
Content The Seedling StageThe Vegetative StageFlowering CycleProfiting From All Those WattsStrawberry Lemonade YieldHi, everyone! This is my Strawberry Lemonade grow diary that I wrote some time ago. I’ve had a few runs with different strains since, but I still remember this one as being hands-down the most high-yielding. Hope you enjoy this read and find it useful.
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Durban Poison Outdoor Grow Journal
19 December 2022
Durban Poison Outdoor Grow Journal: Raising a Mold-Resistant, 1000-Gram Monster
Content Seedling StageVegetative StageFloweringHarvestGreetings, fellow growers! If you want to know how the Durban Poison strain by Dutch Passion grows week by week, you’ve come to the right place. It was a very simple grow on my part, nothing fancy really, so if you’re planning your own Durban Poison outdoor grow, you may expect more or less the same.
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LSD cannabis strain grow diary
8 December 2022
My LSD Strain Grow Diary With Grow Info and Tips for the Whole Grow Time
Content Revegging the cloneGrow tent conditionsTraining during the vegetative stageFlowering stageHarvest & yieldHi, everybody! My latest LSD strain grow diary is anything but ordinary (you’ll soon see why), but I’m still happy to provide some useful information for you to grow this weed like a pro in your own garden. As for those of you who are still on the fence about buying these seeds, I hope this strain review will be enough for you to make a choice.
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30 November 2022
Blue Dream Week-by-Week Grow Report: Watch Me Harvest Close to 6 lb in 10 Weeks of Flowering
Content Vegetative stageSwitching to bloomThe progress in flowerHarvestBlue Dream strain taste and highHi everybody! In this Blue Dream week-by-week grow report, I’ll describe my latest run with this strain by Garden of Green. It all started very business-like, as I think of myself as a semi-professional cultivator, but the grow was so good that I decided to share my experience. So, I started taking pictures and making notes when I switched to flowering.
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21 November 2022
Acapulco Gold Grow Journal: My Favorite Barney’s Farm Grow Yet
Content Vegetative stageFlowering stageHarvestHi! Welcome to my Acapulco Gold grow journal, in which I’ll describe my latest ScrOG grow that brought me a little over 8.5 ounces (243 g) from just one of two plants in my 3x3 grow tent. Although this Acapulco Gold (Barney’s Farm) grow took a little longer than planned, I have no regrets because the harvest wasn’t only big but also of amazing quality.
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10 November 2022
Orange Sherbet Auto Grow Diary: A Short Week-by-Week Guide
Content Seedling StageVegetative StageFlowering CycleHarvestHello, everybody! Welcome to my Orange Sherbet Auto grow diary, where I’ll be sharing my experience growing this amazing autoflower indoors. I proceeded with three plants but eventually had two and harvested 4.66 oz (132 g) from both after 11 weeks from seed. I also got a lot of sugar leaves and made some excellent bubble hash from them. It was a very nice yield of top-quality stuff.
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1 November 2022
Purple Punch Auto Grow Diary: How to Grow it From Seed to Harvest
Content SetupSeedling stageVegetative stageFlowering stageHarvest and smokeHi, everybody! I invite you to take a look at my Purple Punch Auto grow diary, which I started last winter and finished in a short 70 days with very satisfactory results. I grew this Fast Buds strain indoors in a small 2’x2’ tent along with two other plants and harvested just over an ounce of amazing dry bud. Hopefully, this grow review will show you how to grow Purple Punch Auto (and how NOT to grow it, lol).
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26 October 2022
Bruce Banner Autoflower Week-by-Week Grow Journal
Content GerminationVegetative StageFlowering StageHarvestGrow TipsHi, everybody! Welcome to my Bruce Banner Autoflower week-by-week grow guide. This strain is yet another amazing autoflower by Fastbuds, and I’ll probably try them all eventually. In this particular run, I grew three BBs as part of a nine-plant SOG grow and got 8.71 ounces (247 grams) dry.
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18 October 2022
The Incredible Bulk Grow Diary: The Best-Yielding Weed Strain Known to Man
Content Growing conditions and techniquesVegetative stageTrainingFlowering stageHarvestFinal impressionHi there! I’m super excited to share my The Incredible Bulk grow diary with you, as this was my most rewarding grow ever! I had four plants in a 1 m2 grow tent under a 421-watt LED fixture, and they brought me an insane 1.63 g/W – an absolutely amazing result even for DWC. I hope you’ll want to repeat my experience and glean some useful tips from it. Away we go!
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