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11 March 2022
Is Herbies Seeds Legit? Dispelling Your Doubts
We understand that as a buyer of cannabis seeds you may feel vulnerable and afraid of many things to go wrong. So, in this post, we state our case that Herbies Seeds is indeed legit and one of the best online stores in the industry.
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12 October 2021
Does Herbies Seeds Ship to the USA?
Among the most challenging aspects of ordering seeds is finding a reliable supplier. This is why Herbies Seeds ships to the USA, and most other countries worldwide as well.No matter where you wish to grow cannabis, you can count on us. See why cultivators around the world turn to our inventory.
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7 June 2021
Cannabis Seeds Legal to Grow: Our Top 3 Low THC Strains
Content How much THC is allowed?Effects of low THC strainsTop 3 low THC strainsIt’s well known that cannabis and hemp plants have a long history of legal entanglements, from growing the plant both industrially and privately to using the plants medicinally, recreationally, and in textiles. This controversy has continued with the potential shift of laws surrounding legal THC limits in both Europe and the United States.
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27 May 2021
Can You Buy Cannabis Seeds in Australia?
Content Legality of cannabis seeds in AustraliaAustralian cannabis lawsWhere to get weed seeds in AustraliaBest strains to grow in AustraliaLong story short, if you want to buy cannabis seeds in Australia, you’ll probably have to purchase them from an online store based elsewhere in the world.
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Buying Cannabis Seeds With Credit Card
9 March 2021
Buying Cannabis Seeds With Credit Card In UK – Is It Legal?
If you live in the United Kingdom and are keen to buy cannabis seeds from an eCommerce store, it’s likely that two of your top concerns centre around safety and legality. Nobody wants to attract unwanted attention from the law and you certainly don’t want to take any risks with your financial information. Can you be 100% certain that giving your credit card details to an online seed supplier won’t end up in you becoming a fraud victim?
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Canada cannabis laws
17 November 2020
Canada Pot Laws: Legal Status Of Cannabis And Its Seeds In The Great White North
Content How weed became legal in CanadaBasic rules to marijuana in CanadaThe legality of growing weed in CanadaCannabis seeds laws in CanadaOrdering cannabis seeds in Canada
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The Legality Of Cannabis And Its Seeds In The UK
8 October 2020
The Legality Of Cannabis And Its Seeds In The UK
Content Cannabis lawsMedicinal usageWhat if you get caught?Legality in the UKPurchasing seeds onlineLegalization effortsIs weed legal in England and the UK? Unfortunately, no. Cannabis is classified by the government as a Class B substance, ranking it alongside ketamine and codeine and making it illegal to consume, buy, sell, or grow anywhere in the UK. What are the specifics of the illegality of cannabis? But how do those laws apply to personal use or the purchase of cannabis seeds? Read further to find out.
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cannabis seeds laws
15 April 2020
Where In The World Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds?
Marijuana seed laws vary from one country to another, ranging from permissible to totally illegal. Although there has been some major progress over the years, the world is far from ready to fully open its doors to the green wave. If you’re worried about getting busted for ordering seeds in certain countries, it’s important to take a look at what the various rules are across the world.
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is it illegal to possess marijuana seeds
10 April 2020
Is It Legal To Buy Cannabis Seeds In The U.S.?
Content Cannabis seeds laws in the U.S.Where is it legal to grow marijuana?Is it legal to buy weed seeds online?Discreet shipping in the U.S.Future of U.S. cannabis laws
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