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16 February 2022
The History of 420: The Meaning, Myths, and Real Origin
As we draw near to April 20th, a date loved and cherished by the cannabis smoking community, it’s only fair to visit the humble roots of the famous stoner-centric number and delve into the history of 420.
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9 November 2021
10 Top Weed Apparel Brands We Love
As an important aspect of your life, it’s only natural to want to express your love of cannabis through fashion. From simple plant-based weed clothing brands to fun statement pieces that never fail to turn heads, the world of weed apparel stretches far and wide to meet your unique style preferences.
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Cannabis roots recipes
26 February 2021
Cannabis Roots: Easy Recipes To Try Today For Many Health Benefits
Content Cannabis roots in historyThe medicinal valueCancer treatmentCannabis roots for your Tea with cannabis rootsCannabis roots & skin care
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sugar leaves
20 August 2020
Cannabis Sugar Leaves: What They Are And What To Do With Them
Content What are sugar leaves?SmokingSugar trim usageVapingCannabutterKiefSugar leaf teaTinctureWhen you think of cannabis leaves, you probably think of the big, broad fan leaves with five or seven leaflets. This iconic shape symbolizes stoners everywhere, but did you know there’s another type of cannabis leaf? They’re called sugar leaves. If you grow your own cannabis or have bought some with a bit left untrimmed, you’ve seen sugar leaves! These cute little bud leaves are nestled in among the flowers and are also plentiful in trichomes, so sugar leaves needn’t be cast aside when trimming. Let us fill you in!
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6 May 2020
Making Hash From Weed Stems
Content How potent are weed stems?Making stem hashMaking hash oilMaking bubble hashMaking charasMaking kiefWe all have our favorite style of cannabis to consume; raw flowers, concentrates, edibles. Something that probably doesn't make most people's list, however, is weed stems.
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eating the stem of weed
14 April 2020
Does Chewing On Weed Stems Get You High?
Content Getting high on weed stemsWhy chewing on raw stems won't workTHC contentStems need to be decarbedOther ways to consume weed stemsIf you’ve ever been short on bud, you may have considered toking or even chewing on the leftovers of your cannabis plant, like stems. Surely there must be some THC left in the stalk of the marijuana plant, right? Save yourself the trouble: smoking or eating your weed stems will do little for your buzz. Here’s why.
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weed stem tea
9 April 2020
Got Leftover Stems? Here’s How To Brew Tea With Them
Although weed tea might sound like the latest hype product coming out of the legalized cannabis market, it’s actually one of the oldest forms of cannabis consumption out there. Even better, cannabis tea can be easily made at home using weed stems – the byproduct that would otherwise go to waste. Continue reading to learn about all of the benefits of marijuana stem tea and get some helpful tips on brewing it at home.
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can you smoke marijuana stems
6 April 2020
Smoking Weed Stems: A Foolish Idea To Avoid At All Costs
After harvesting cannabis and then drying, curing and trimming buds, every grower starts thinking of what to do with the leftover materials. Some may even wonder, “can you smoke weed stems?” While we all appreciate and value being as resourceful as possible when it comes to cannabis, smoking cannabis stems is definitely not an idea that should be encouraged. Keep on reading and we’ll explain why you should NOT smoke cannabis stems.
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Weed Stems
1 April 2020
What To Do With Weed Stems: Get High, Relaxed, Or… Crafty!
After you’ve trimmed your cannabis plants of its buds, you’re left with a bunch of stems and stalks. However, these parts are not completely useless and could be worth saving. Before you think of throwing them away, read ahead and see how you can upcycle your cannabis stems.
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