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7 February 2022
Natural Plant Growth Regulators for Cannabis: From Seed Germination to Flowering
Content Growth regulators used by cannabisGibberellic acidAuxinsCytokininsEthyleneAbscisic acidSome other Important regulatorsJust like the human body, plants regulate all aspects of their lifecycle with hormones. Hormones signal molecules, which are produced in one organ and get transported to another organ or tissue where they set in motion various processes. By mastering these plant growth regulators, cannabis growers can take their game to the next level.
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10 November 2021
Growing Weed with Eggshells: Natural Fertilizer, and More
Your cannabis plants require a good balance of macro and micronutrients to thrive. Calcium and magnesium are the most common micronutrient deficiencies for weed, which is the reason for the hefty price tag associated with commercial cal/mag supplements.
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Banana peel fertilizer
14 October 2021
Banana Peel Tea: A Potent Natural Fertilizer for Cannabis
Content Benefits of using banana peel teaBanana peel tea recipeIngredientsEquipmentStep-by-step guideHow to use banana skin teaBanana root aid recipeHow to use banana peel root aid
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Organic Vs. Synthetic Fertilizer
29 October 2020
Organic Vs. Synthetic Fertilizer – What’s the Difference And Which is Better for Weed?
Content Synthetic fertilizers for cannabisOrganic fertilizers for cannabisTop nutrients on AmazonGrowing weed with super soilHow to make a super soil mixWhich nutrient type is the best?
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Bat guano
7 August 2020
Feeding Your Weed The Natural Way: Using Bat Guano To Grow Cannabis
Content What is bat guano?Bat guano and weedSources of bat guanoMexican bat guanoJamaican bat guanoIndonesian bat guanoFeeding bat guano to weedMixing with soil
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Compost Tea
2 August 2020
Why Use Compost Tea For Cannabis Cultivation?
Content What is compost tea?BenefitsVigorous cannabis growthBase for microorganismsFertilizationIngredientsCompostMolassesWorm castingsFish hydrolysate
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how to fix nutrient burn
23 June 2020
What Is Nutrient Burn And How Do I Fix It?
Content Causes of nutrient burnStrong nutrientsDryed out soilBloom boostersGrowth stimulatorsIdentifying nutrient burnTreating nutrient burnPreventing nutrient burn
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household nutrients for weed plants
15 May 2020
Cannabis Nutrients: Macronutrients, Micronutrients And Their Roles
Micronutrients, macronutrients, organic, synthetic… trying to keep up with all the terminology surrounding cannabis nutrition can seem like a fool’s errand. However, every grower needs to have a working knowledge of nutrients and how they affect their plants. Understanding nutrients is one major thing that separates the newbie growers from the seasoned veterans.
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why do plants need co2
7 May 2020
What Role Does CO2 Play In Cannabis Growing?
Just like humans can’t live without air, plants need CO2 to survive. CO2, or carbon dioxide, is a colorless, odorless gas that occurs naturally in the atmosphere. Interestingly, even aquatic plants (those that live underwater) need CO2 to perform photosynthesis. Cannabis plants are no different. To ensure that your grow room reaches its maximum potential yield, you’re going to need to utilize CO2. Because it’s easy to control CO2 levels in an indoor garden, this is one clear advantage of growing indoors.
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