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Organic Cannabis Seeds At Herbies
23 May 2022
Organic Cannabis Seeds: Top Picks for Clean Organic Growing
When buying cannabis seeds, it’s important to ask yourself: what went into the production? Should you go for organic cannabis seeds? Non-organic seeds can be produced using pesticides and other chemicals to ensure that the parent plants manage to produce seeds. Organic farming, on the other hand, is a collection of practices that promotes ecological balance by conserving resources and avoiding certain pesticides and fertilizers. Therefore, we’d say to go for organic seeds if you can. But which ones? Follow along to learn more.
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Organic Cannabis Growing Explained
10 March 2021
Organic Cannabis Growing: Indoor & Outdoor Cultivation Tips
Content What does it mean to grow cannabis organically?Pros and cons of organic growingStaples of growing organic weedOrganic cannabis seedsGerminationSoilNo-till method
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Bat guano
7 August 2020
Feeding Your Weed The Natural Way: Using Bat Guano To Grow Cannabis
Content What is bat guano?Bat guano and weedSources of bat guanoMexican bat guanoJamaican bat guanoIndonesian bat guanoFeeding bat guano to weedMixing with soil
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Compost Tea
2 August 2020
Why Use Compost Tea For Cannabis Cultivation?
Content What is compost tea?BenefitsVigorous cannabis growthBase for microorganismsFertilizationIngredientsCompostMolassesWorm castingsFish hydrolysate
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neem oil for cannabis
15 July 2020
Why Neem Oil Should Become The Newest Addition To Your Cannabis Garden
Content What is neem oil derived fromHow does neem oil work?Why use neem oilNatural insecticideFungal growth protectionRoots protectionTypes of neem oilBest way to use neem oil
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growing in supersoil
16 June 2020
Growing In Super Soil – What Is It, How Does It Work, And How It Can Help Your Plants?
Looking for the best soil mix for growing cannabis? Super soil mixes are some of the best potting soil for weed that you’ll find anywhere. It’s chock-full of nutrients and beneficial microbes that can super-charge your plans. In this article, we’ll outline exactly what makes this medium the best soil for marijuana.
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25 May 2020
Companion Plants For Cannabis: Choosing A Friend For Your Plant
If you’re looking to expand your cannabis garden or move away from store-bought supplies, you may have come across references to “companion planting”. Adding companion plants to your cannabis garden is guaranteed to benefit your garden in countless ways. Follow through this article to learn exactly how this happens.
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how much molasses per gallon for compost tea
23 April 2020
Molasses for Weed – More Than Meets The Eye
Content What is molassesThe types of molassesHow molasses can helpWhen to use molassesUsing molasses effectively & easilyUsing liquid molassesUsing dry molasses
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