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4 November 2021
My Critical Sensi Star Smoke Report: Hard-Hitting and Motivating
There’s absolutely nothing better than getting blazed after a long, hard day of work. And boy, today was one of those days. Working construction has me dirty, sore, and mentally exhausted by Friday evening every week. My girlfriend has the night shift at the hospital this weekend (she’s a nurse) so she was already gone by the time I got home from work. Love her to death, but I was definitely looking forward to some Me Time.
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21 September 2021
Sugar Black Rose Smoke Report
This weekend, a few friends and I decided to get out of town and have a mini-vacation at a bungalow with a pool, basically in the middle of nowhere. Trees as far as the eye can see, not a bar of cell service. We left after work on Friday and it was already twilight by the time we checked in. Everyone unloaded their stuff and met up on the patio.
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6 September 2021
Critical Kush Smoke Report: Super Narcotic After a Long T-Break
Hi guys! I have grown just one Critical Kush plant so far, so this Critical Kush smoke report is just an opinion. It’s not based on much experience. Anyway...The Critical Kush strain I grew smelled like overripe fruit in late flower. The smell of the buds, when they were curing, was different in every jar: pine, fuel, skunk, lemon. Some were musty and funky. The taste of the smoke was earthy like a high-quality Indica. The stone was super potent, euphoric, and narcotic.
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17 August 2021
Amnesia Haze (Royal Queen Seeds) Strain Review
One of my buddies got hooked up with some Amnesia Haze seeds earlier this year. He’s got two green thumbs and can make anything grow, so I wasn’t surprised when he hit me up recently to say he had some extra bud for me. He’s a good guy.
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Blue Gelato #41 Smoke Report
6 August 2021
Blue Gelato #41 Smoke Report: Appreciating Music On Another Level
The day I am writing this smoke report is a Friday. This is relevant because I usually buy an eighth a week, and Friday is the day of the week I usually re-up my stash. So, I popped over to my local dispensary this morning to refill before the weekend. I like to mix it up, in general, and don’t always stick to one strain or even one type of weed. I like to try Sativas, Indicas, everything in between. I smoke flowers and wax, sometimes I vape, once in a while I’ll chow down on an edible. Basically, I wasn’t looking for anything specific when I went in this morning. After chatting with the guy at the counter for a little bit, I decided to take his recommendation for this week’s pick. He said that they had just gotten in a shipment of cannabis from some new suppliers, one of which being Barney's Farm, and he couldn’t stop buzzing about this strain of theirs: Blue Gelato #41. I was sold right away by the way he was gushing over the flavors and effects. I usually like to practice the drums over the weekend, and this strain seemed appropriate for such an endeavor. He packed up a couple g’s for me and I headed on my way back home.
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My Vanilla Kush Smoke Report: Ganja Yoga Rookies
24 June 2021
My Vanilla Kush Smoke Report: Ganja Yoga Rookies
I’ve been feeling super chill all afternoon and this is how I came to writing this Vanilla Kush smoke report. My friend Julie came over earlier to do some yoga together. I detected that familiar earthy, floral smell of weed as soon as I opened the door to greet her. I didn’t realize it was going to be THAT kind of yoga session, but hey, why not? A little Indica could help loosen up some of that tension in my upper back.
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Gelato Auto smoke report
12 November 2020
My Smoke Report On The Tastiest Strain I've Tried, Gelato Auto
I’ve always been a sucker for delicious-sounding weed names. While most growers choose their seeds based on THC levels, I get hooked by names like Cheese, Tangerine, and Pineapple – in short, anything that appeals to my taste buds. Quite often, it’s hard to decide whether I really get that flavor I was promised or if it’s only my imagination, but not so with the Gelato Auto strain. This time, I got everything I hoped for and then some. You’ll know what I mean by the time you’ve read my review.
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Bruce Banner smoke report
5 November 2020
Bruce Banner #3 Review: A Coder’s Little Helper
I grew Bruce Banner # 3 seeds meaning to use this strain for nighttime relaxation and on weekends, but I never suspected that I’d be vaping the bulk of my harvest during work hours. Let me tell you how Bruce Banner helps me with work. Not exactly a smoke report, but this will give you an idea of what this weed is all about.
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22 October 2020
Weed Trip Report: Partying With Do-Si-Dos OG Weed Strain
Tonight, a few friends and I are heading to a party in the neighborhood. It should be a relatively small get-together, maybe 20 people or so. We all meet up at my place around 8pm before making our way to Rachel’s house.
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