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4 February 2022
Water Curing: The Modern Grower’s Guide
In this modern day and age, chemicals and pesticides are rife and time is limited thanks to our busy schedules. Luckily, when it comes to your cannabis stash, there’s a way to make both of these problems obsolete – a way that allows you to cure your bud in a fraction of the time while minimizing undesirable solids for a cleaner, smoother, and richer smoke.
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12 May 2021
People Answer: What’s in Your Weed Stash?
The choice of cannabis strains and seeds these days is nothing short of overwhelming. How do you navigate this abundance and choose what to try next? One way to do it is to ask your fellow growers and tokers: what’s in your weed stash right now? We, at Herbies, did exactly this and asked some weed enthusiasts about the strains they turn to these days. Let’s get to their answers - your next favorite strain might be right there!
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Freezing Weed
8 August 2020
Freezing Weed: The Pros, Cons And Everything In Between
Content Basics of weed storageCold and dark…Downsides of freezing weedFreezer burnDefrosting weedTrichomes damageUpsides of freezing weedDo it right
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Smoking Moldy Weed
29 July 2020
Why Smoking Moldy Weed Is Never Worth It
Content Harmful effects of moldsTypes of moldAspergillusCladosporiumBotrytisDetecting moldCatching moldPreventionStoring cannabisCommon health
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how to store weed
17 March 2020
Best Ways To Store Weed
Whether you’ve purchased or grown your own personal weed stash, it’s a given that you’ll want to protect your precious goods, especially considering potency and quality can remain long-term when following ideal weed storage practices. So, what’s the best way to store weed and how long can weed be stored? Let’s explore those questions and more in our in-depth guide to proper weed storage.
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how to store pot seeds
10 February 2020
How To Store Cannabis Seeds
Content 3 things about storageLightHumidityTemperaturePlace to store seedsTips for storing seedsFAQs about storing seedsFreezing weed seedsStorage duration
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