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best tasting strains
27 February 2020
Top 8 Best Tasting Cannabis Strains
Cannabis isn’t only fun because of its effects – a large portion of the joy it brings to its users comes from weed being packed with rich, diverse and delicious flavors. As such, we want to share with you which strains we think taste the very best. In compiling this list, we considered terpene profiles as well as customer reviews. The following eight cannabis strains have been handpicked by the Herbies’ team as the best-tasting buds out there, so let us guide you in the direction of our very favorite Sativas, Indicas and hybrids based on their various tastes and aromas.
Strongest Indica Strains
23 January 2020
Highest THC Strains
Seasoned and novice growers alike have always been attracted to highly potent THC strains. There are many reasons behind the popularity of THC-rich cannabis, the various magical effects of which are just so easy to fall in love with. You probably know that once you’ve gotten a taste of your first really potent hit, so begins the never-ending search for the highest THC strains out there. We at Herbies decided to make your life a little easier and put together a list of the strongest weed strains in the world as of 2019.
Strongest Indica Strains
22 January 2020
Top 5 Strongest Indica Strains
Oh, Indica! One of the two main subspecies of cannabis, it is universally adored by growers all around the globe – and for good reason! Whether you’re an experienced grower or just a casual smoker, there are just so many benefits behind the genetic profile and chemical composition of this strain. So, before we introduce the list of top 5 strongest Indicas, let’s clear the air on what makes Indicas so great.
Strongest Sativa Strains
21 January 2020
Top 5 Strongest Sativa Strains
If we are stereotyping cannabis strains, Sativas could be described as the mighty ‘uplifters’ of the cannabis world. Thanks to their energizing and motivating effects, Sativa strains increase serotonin levels and thus help to uplift mood, boost creativity and enhance mental state by keeping the mind clear and focused. Ideal for morning, midday or mid-afternoon consumption, Sativas are often referred to as “daily strains”. Depending on their terpene profile, some Sativas can help users to wake up and get excited for the day ahead. If you’re not an early bird, a good Sativa will keep your eyes open better than coffee. Another superpower of Sativa strains is their ability to enhance creative thinking and concentration. If you need a hand in undertaking a tricky task or a bit of inspiration for creative pursuits like writing, painting or making music, a Sativa strain is the way to go.
Top 10 Strains In 2019
17 January 2020
Top 10 Marijuana Strains In 2019
The new year brings new buds to explore, but before we make a fresh start and usher in 2020, we’d like to look back and honor the top 10 trending genetics of 2019. Why did these cannabis strains see a surge in popularity? Let’s take a look at these bestsellers and investigate what made them so renowned!
high yielding outdoor strains
14 April 2020
Top 10 Highest Yielding Marijuana Strains To Suit All Tastes
Highest-yielding marijuana strains are always in demand. To commercial growers, they give a chance to find the biggest yielding variety for their collection of mother plants. For inexperienced gardeners, they mean an opportunity to make their share of freshman mistakes and still walk away with a sizeable harvest. And many of us, even if we don’t really need that much bud, can’t resist the thrill of watching and smelling the monstrous mass of dank that these heavy yielding cannabis strains invariably produce.
Top 10 Sativas
17 February 2020
Top 10 Sativa Strains Every Marijuana Enthusiast Should Know
The Sativa subspecies is known for its incredibly potent and uplifting high, and has been reported to induce euphoria, focus and alertness in the user’s mind. Due to its physical and mental effects, Sativa is also hailed in the medical world, commonly used to combat and relieve depression, anxiety and chronic pain. No wonder so many cannabis enthusiasts are avid growers of Sativa strains. The following list is a compilation of our customers’ favorites. These varieties are incredibly resilient and productive, and have received the best feedback from growers shopping at Herbies.
Best Indica Strains
17 February 2020
The Best Indica Strains To Smoke And Grow
Indica, a subspecies of marijuana, grows into tall, full-bodied plants and produces dense, bulbous buds. Indica strains do well when grown either indoors or outdoors and are generally easy to cultivate. Many cannabis enthusiasts believe this subspecies to result in a sedated, sleep-inducing haze; perfect for a night spent indoors. Indicas are incredibly relaxing, and used to relieve aches and pains as well as reduce nausea. If you’re a marijuana grower, there could be no better way to start the year than by searching for the best Indica strains. This list comprises some of the most popular Indica varieties, handpicked by us according to the preferences of our customers. These ten magical varieties have the best Herbies consumer reviews and the most positive feedback from growers. 
high cbd strains
21 February 2020
Top 10 High CBD Strains
Whether you’re looking for the health benefits of CBD or just want to explore marijuana effects other than those provided by pure THC, high CBD strains are a great choice. While there are many to choose from, you can’t go wrong with any of these handpicked top CBD strains.