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8 February 2022
Herbies’ Weed Quiz: Your Perfect Weed Strain Based on Your Working Style
Weed has been helping people everywhere cope with work-related stress, add some positive vibrations to everyday life, and provide energy for finishing especially difficult projects. However, as every cannabis strain is different, just as is everyone’s approach to work, certain weed varieties can be especially effective in helping hard workers both do their job and relax better. Today, Herbies has prepared a fun and quick personality test that will help you choose the perfect cannabis seeds to grow and strain to smoke depending on your work style.
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31 January 2022
"How Good A Weed Grower Are You?" Take The Test To Challenge Your Cannabis Growing Knowledge
Before planting that cannabis seed in soil, every grower must ask themselves a question: how prepared am I to support this plant throughout its entire lifecycle? Do I know enough already to face any difficulty this adventure holds? In order to make sure your next growing season brings you pure joy and not a constant headache, we’ve prepared a short and fun test that will reveal how well you’re prepared to grow your own cannabis. At the end of the test, depending on the number of correct answers, we’ll recommend a strain that will perfectly suit your level.
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26 January 2022
QUIZ: What Cannabis Strain You Should Grow In Herbology Class
Cannabis enthusiasts and wizards have more in common than you might think! While some use brooms to go high, others take a hit. While some take care of mandragoras, others grow other magical plants! Now, why don’t we blend these worlds together in a very special Herbies quiz? Answer some simple questions and find out what Hogwarts house the Sorting Hat will send you to, and what strain of cannabis would best suit your first grow in Herbology class.
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22 December 2021
What’s Your Cannabis Alter Ego? Herbies Quiz
Some say dog owners look like their beloved pets, and best friends are cut from the same cloth. What if we tell you that the same principles apply to the world of cannabis?sssHerbies Head Shop expressly refuses to support the use, production, or supply of illegal substances
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13 December 2021
How Well Do You Know Cannabis Strains? Herbies Quiz
Hundreds and hundreds of new weed strains appear every year, and naturally, it’s getting harder and harder to keep track of them. Let’s put your knowledge to the test – Herbies has prepared 10 pairs of cannabis strains. One of each pair exists and can be grown in your garden, the other is totally fictional. Do you have what it takes to guess each real strain correctly and get a perfect score? 
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8 December 2021
A Very Important Personality Test: What Kind Of Cat Are You?
Hey buds, in case you were ever wondering what kind of cat you’d be (we know every stoner has had this question at least once), Herbies has prepared an easy and fun personality test for you. We’re pretty sure you’re going to love this test, especially if you take it after taking a good hit of weed, our human equivalent of catnip. Ready to learn more about yourself? Hit the button to get started!
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Herbies Quiz
26 May 2021
HERBIES QUIZ: What Herbies Strain Is Right for You?
sssIt’s been a hot minute since the folks at Herbies Seeds released our company’s brand-new line of marijuana seeds. We hope you’ve had some time to get acquainted with our six ultra-potent photoperiod strains, not to mention our three quick-growing and tasty autoflowers. There’s no doubt that each of these strains deserves your attention, but not many growers have the resources to start growing the whole collection right away. So where should you start?
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30 April 2021
QUIZ: The Strain You Should Grow Outdoors Is…
When spring arrives, the days grow longer, the sun starts shining brighter, and the warm rains make the soil alive again. For us growers, this all means one thing – the cannabis outdoor growing season is here! 
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6 April 2021
Take A Survey, Let Us Get To Know You Better!
We appreciate you choosing Herbies as your source for cannabis seeds. We always strive to grow, and that’s why we want to get to know our clients better. By taking this short survey and telling us about yourself, we can use the information to further customize our services for each of our fellow growers.
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