Yield increasing techniques

low stress training
13 February 2020
Low Stress Training (LST) vs High Stress Training (HST)
Training your cannabis plants is important because it can dramatically increase the yield and quality of your crop. Low stress training (LST) and high stress training (HST) techniques can help achieve this through minimal monetary investment and a little extra time. LST involves bending your plants into a desired shape, and HST methods are based on intentionally wounding the cannabis plant.
fimming vs topping
4 February 2020
Topping Vs. FIMming
Topping vs. FIMming cannabis plants – the age-old debate. Both are high-stress training methods that can drastically improve the quality and quantity of your harvest. By sacrificing a part of the plant early in its life, one can get a greater number of tops and therefore more colas – but how does this work? Which is the better method for training your plants? Read on to learn about the pros and cons of each method and their suitability for various growers.
Learn How To Trim Weed
2 September 2020
Learn How To Trim Weed And Improve Your Buds’ Potency And Quality In A Snip
There’s nothing more satisfying and exciting than watching a cannabis plant grow for a few months. We take good care of it by feeding and looking out for distress signs. Eventually, after some time passes and the plant grows to its full potential, it’s finally time to trim the weed.
Sog growing method
16 February 2020
SoG Growing Method
‘Sea of Green’, or ‘SoG’, is a popular and efficient cannabis cultivation method for indoor growers that allows them to quickly grow a number of large, dense buds using a minimal amount of space. This technique originated from the realization that the best buds in a plant are those that are closest to the light – the lower part of a plant tends to yield a sizeable amount of smaller, airy flowers that don’t get the chance to fully develop. While there’s nothing wrong with these, they don’t compare to those found closer to the top of the plant. The purpose of SoG is to create a flat canopy of tops, since growing lots of small plants is better than fewer big plants.
11 February 2020
ScrOG Growing Method
The Screen of Green technique (ScrOG) is an increasingly popular advanced growing technique that allows an efficient use of small grow spaces. ScrOG involves the use of high-stress training techniques – such as topping and lollipopping – in combination with a screen to create a dense, structured canopy. With the help of this method, plants are trained to grow horizontally during vegetation, thus receiving an equal amount of light.
how to cut cannabis plant to make clones
28 February 2020
How To Clone Cannabis Plants
Cloning weed plants may sound difficult, but once learned, the technique is highly beneficial. When taking a clone or ‘cutting’ from a growing mother plant, you’re essentially making an exact copy or ‘daughter’ plant. The process of cloning is also known as vegetative propagation. Each clone grows roots of its own and carries the same genetics, characteristics and make-up of the mother plant, lending to plant reliability, consistency and seemingly perpetual harvests of the same strains. So why is cloning cannabis plants such a beneficial skill to learn? Find out why as we cover the basics of cloning, how to clone cannabis successfully and how it can help your growing operation.
how to make weed potent
29 April 2020
How To Increase THC In Cannabis: Proven Methods And Dangerous Myths
One of the primary goals of recreational cannabis growers is to increase THC levels in their crops. Some medical growers also want high THC content to make their weed suitable for several medical applications. The good news is there are things you can do before, during and after growing your crop to encourage heightened THC production. This article discusses how to increase THC levels with some tested methods, as well as some with unknown effectiveness. Read on to get these tips and tricks to make your weed stronger in THC.
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
15 March 2020
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
One of the ultimate goals that every marijuana grower has in mind is increasing their cannabis yield. That being said, several factors can negatively impact your yield. Therefore, you need to be ready and prepared to overcome these problems to protect it. Factors like harvesting time, climate issues, nutrition, etc. can make or break your yield, so you need to be sure to handle these correctly to get the best out of your cannabis crop. This article will guide you through several important tips that will explain how to maximize any cannabis yield.
3 June 2020
Using The Schwazzing Technique To Increase Your Yields
The ultimate goal of any grower is to get the highest yields possible, regardless of whether you’re growing one plant or a hundred. What methods can help you increase your harvest? Well, there are many – you can simply choose high-yielding strains, use fertilizers, or try removing fan leaves during flowering. In this article though, we’re going to talk about schwazzing – the intense defoliation of a cannabis plant twice during its lifecycle. What’s the best part about schwazzing? It’s said to increase your indoor yields up to up to 3lbs (1.3kg) per plant! And that’s not all. Let’s see what other benefits this technique has to offer.