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7 February 2022
Natural Plant Growth Regulators for Cannabis: From Seed Germination to Flowering
Content Growth regulators used by cannabisGibberellic acidAuxinsCytokininsEthyleneAbscisic acidSome other Important regulatorsJust like the human body, plants regulate all aspects of their lifecycle with hormones. Hormones signal molecules, which are produced in one organ and get transported to another organ or tissue where they set in motion various processes. By mastering these plant growth regulators, cannabis growers can take their game to the next level.
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24 November 2021
ScrOG Growing Method
Content What is ScrOG?ScrOG usageTools for ScrOGHow to ScrOGPlant placementScreenVegetative stateFlowering stageYield increaseStrains for ScrOGUseful tips
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How To Increase Cannabis Yield
2 November 2021
How To Increase Cannabis Yield
Content The importance of good geneticsImproving your grow with proper lightingEffective training methods to maximize yieldsThe correct pot size can make all the difference
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Sog growing method
28 October 2021
The SoG Growing Method Explained
Content Pros and consHow to make your own Sea of GreenSea of green step by stepWhich strains are the best for SoG?Important details of a successful SoG
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19 October 2021
Revegetation of Cannabis : Friend or Foe?
Content What is revegetation?Accidental revegetationSymptoms of revegetationWhen can cannabis reveg accidentally?Solutions to reveggingPlanned reveggingWhat can planned revegging be used for?
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Monster Cropping
20 July 2021
Monster Cropping: Harvests That Will Haunt Your Dreams
Content What is monster cropping?Pros and consProsConsStep-by-step guideMonster cropping outdoorsBest strains to monster cropCombining monster cropping with other techniques
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Learn How To Trim Weed
22 June 2021
Learn How to Trim Weed and Improve Your Buds’ Potency and Quality in a Snip
Content Why you need to trim your budsWhen to start trimmingWet trimDry trimThe tools you need for trimming cannabisCannabis trimming guideDrying Trimmed Buds
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17 June 2021
Easy ScrOG Without a Net: Simple Cannabis Plant Training
Content What is the point of ScrOGging?Benefits of the easy ScrOG methodStep-by-step ScrOG tutorialIf you’re an indoor grower, chances are you’re always searching for cannabis plant training techniques to optimize your garden. Indoor growers need to be able to boost their yields while simultaneously managing the vertical height of their plants. One great way to do this is ScrOGging. There’s one problem, though. ScrOGging requires specialized tools – particularly trellis netting. Luckily, there are workarounds! In this post, we’ll explore how to ScrOG without a net.
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NFT Cannabis Grow
21 May 2021
NFT Cannabis Grow: A Cool Hydroponics System For Your Weed
Content Benefits of Nutrient Film TechniqueDisadvantages of NFTWhat does an NFT grow system consist of?A store bought or a DIY NFT systemHow to set up and adjust
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