818 Headband feminized seeds

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The 818 Headband feminized cannabis strain is an award-winning hybrid that is a must-have for marijuana enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs. This strain is a part of cannabis history, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to find - especially the feminized variety. When you are on the hunt for pure-diesel-goodness - you have found it with 818 Headband.

  • Cali Connection Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Relaxive adventure
  • Orginial Sour Dieseal x SFV OG Kush IBL Male
  • 1st, High Times Medical Cups 2011, Detroit
  • 600 g/m² indoors
  • 65 - 75 days
  • 60% Sativa / 40% Indica hybrid
  • 20.5 %
  • 0.20 %

818 Headband: Rock Solid Yields and Robust Structure

The 818 Headband feminized cannabis strain is a purebred from the Chem family. It was created by crossing a tried and true Sour Diesel and an SFV OG Kush that is renowned for its aroma. The result is a seductive hybrid with a beautiful structure that you will not be able to peel your eyes from. In as little as 65-days, you will find massive flowers that can weigh upwards of 800g/㎡ drenched in resin.

When growing 818 Headband feminized seeds, you will want to vegetate her for a maximum of 2-weeks for most grow spaces. Due to her Diesel and OG background, you will need to anticipate a large stretch during pre-flower.

Each plant is capable of yielding heavy flowers, which means it is crucial to place support poles on each branch.

  • Growth Tip: ScrOG (Longer Veg), SOG (Short Veg);
  • Lighting Requirement: 600w HID or LED Equivalent;
  • pH (Hydro): 5.3;
  • EC: 1.6;
  • Indoor Temperature: 34℃ or Less;
  • Aroma: Strong (Use a Carbon Filter).

Soar Into The Clouds With 818 Headband

The 818 Headband feminized cannabis strain oozes with an aroma and flavor that is a delight for Diesel, OG, and Kush fanatics. The lemon-laced fuel and overtones of hashish are present in every phenotype. The effects are instant, and they begin by compressing your head with euphoric effects. From a medical perspective, this is a perfect strain to annihilate all forms of depression and anxiety.