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The AK 47 regular from Serious Seeds is a legendary old-school strain, a Sativa-dominant hybrid boasting landrace genetics and rewarding with 350-500 gr/m² after only 53-63 days flowering. Loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids, this super delicious and potent cannabis variety hits like a gun. With uplifting and euphoric effects, it boosts your feeling of being alive.

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Serious Seeds
Outdoor Indoor Greenhouse
Sativa dominant
350 - 500 g/m² indoors
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AK 47 Regular: Growing Fast And Vigorous

AK 47 from Serious Seeds is one of most recognizable and award-winning strains, a Sativa-dominant hybrid, a mixture of Columbian, Mexican, Thai and Afghani heirloom and landrace genetics. Loaded with terpenes and cannabinoids, it’s super delicious and potent.

Growing fast and vigorous with numerous branches, it is well suited for all training techniques and methods. It forms dark yellowish-green, long, compact and dense buds that are closely stacked together in a grape-like shape. It prefers moderate temperatures as its buds tend to lose their density and go airy and fluffy which makes them even more open to mold or mildew. Long branches may need support in later stages of flowering to deal with the buds’ weight. Yields 350-500g/m2 in 53-63 days of flowering indoor, mid/late October harvest outdoors.

  • Suggested nutrients: Canna
  • Recommended techniques: Low Stress Training (LST), Lolly-Popping and Defoliation and good air flow will make sure you make the most out it
  • Indoor lighting suggestion: LED 350W lights used during vegetation and flowering may allow for 450g/plant
  • Usually testing at 15-20% THC with ~1-2% CBD

Hunger For Life

The effects are uplifting, euphoric, creative and sociable, leaving you happy and relaxed but due to its high THC content, can lead to sleepiness and even couch-lock. The aromas are skunky, floral and sweet with hints of spices and pine with sweet and earthy flavors and citrus and woody undertones.


    • Brand Serious Seeds
    • Sex Regular
    • Flowering type Photoperiod
    • Suitable for Outdoor
    • Suitable for Indoor
    • Suitable for Greenhouse
    • Effect Sorrow piercing bullets
    • Genetics Columbian x Mexican x Thai x Afghani
    • Awards Multiple Cup Winner
    • Height Medium
    • Yield 350 - 500 g/m² indoors
    • Flowering indoors 53 - 63 days
    • Outdoor finish Late October
    • Genotype Sativa dominant
    • THC No official information
      • Advantages
        great strain
      • Disadvantages
      • General impressions
        For those with high tolerance levels to please or to punish. Just don’t laugh too much at those who’ll be losing their minds after hitting this
      • Advantages
        a lot!
      • Disadvantages
        nothing so far
      • General impressions
        Great strain, only three months and 500g of buds, pretty cool!