Amazing Spider-Skunk feminized seeds

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Amazing Spider Skunk is a feminized cannabis strain that grows fast for an impressive yield. With up to 21% THC, this mostly Indica hybrid packs a serious punch with its skunky, citrusy and highly resinous flowers. Amazing Spider Skunk is ideal for both day and nighttime use, giving users a head high that’s also thoroughly relaxing. The strain also works as a great remedy for pain, stress and anxiety.

  • Hero Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Lost in the mist
  • Super Skunk x Brazilian Skunk x Northern Lights x Ortega x Afghani SA x Hash Plant
  • 25% Sativa / 75% Indica
  • 21 %

Amazing Spider-Skunk: Captures You In A Web Of Happy Relaxation

Amazing Spider-Skunk offers a high that is as euphoric as it is relaxing. With its potent, resinous buds, the strain mellows users out instantly for long-lasting effects. This mostly Indica hybrid has a high THC percentage of up to 21%, making it a perfect choice for those who want complete relaxation with a gleeful feeling.

Earthy Notes With A Sweet Citrus Surprise

The taste of Amazing Spider-Skunk is truly a thing of beauty: mellow, earthy notes mix together with fresh and juicy citrus fruit. The strain’s unique blend of lemony fruitiness is also surprisingly sweet, leaving notes of perfectly ripe tropical fruit in the mouth.

Mighty Skunky Smell With Hints Of Crisp Lime

Borrowing from its ancestors, Super Skunk and Brazilian Skunk, this strain has the unmistakable, pungent skunky smell we’ve all come to know and love. Behind that sharp aroma, you also get notes of fresh citrus that already hint at its fruity taste.

Quick Grow With Thick, Resinous Buds

Amazing Spider-Skunk is a feminized cannabis strain that grows well indoors as well as outdoors. With a flowering time averaging around 45 days, the strain is quick to give users a plentiful yield.

  • This strain is a beginner-friendly grow that thrives in many environments.
  • It’s huge, dense buds are covered in resin which can be perfect for making hash and other extracts.
  • Be careful, as the plant’s strong skunky smell can betray its presence from a mile away if you don’t use carbon filters!

Amazing Spider-Skunk: Heroic Ancestors For A Superhuman Strain

Amazing Spider-Skunk is the love child of two popular Indica-dominant strains, Black Domina and Super Skunk 2. Ever wanted the dreamy high of a skunk with the sedative effects of a strong Indica? Amazing Spider-Skunk’s heroic genetics gift it with euphoric and relaxing effects along with a quick and highly satisfying grow.