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Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

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Amnesia Haze is a cup-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid containing up to a jaw-dropping 25% THC and providing an uplifting cerebral high best suited for early in the day due to its stress-relieving and anti-anxiety properties. Packed full of earthy and coffee-like aromas with energizing hints of lemons and citruses, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to get active and crash fatigue.

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Victory Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa dominant
THC 25 % CBD 0.90 %
All characteristics

Amnesia Haze: Stress-Crashing Sativa High

Developed by Victory Seeds, Amnesia Haze is a feminized cannabis variety with a jaw-dropping THC content reaching 25% by dry weight. The strain provides a calming, uplifting and energizing cerebral high that’s most beneficial in the morning to help fight stress, anxiety and depression throughout the day.  

Signature Fruity Taste And Aroma

Amnesia Haze is a legendary Sativa-dominant cannabis strain famous for its tangy, citrusy taste. Its pleasant herbal aroma delights the senses with subtle hints of pepper and lemon, finishing with earthy and coffee-like floral undertones. Amnesia Haze is a classic, thoroughly enjoyed by cannabis cultivators and Sativa aficionados alike. 

Tips On Growing Amnesia Haze Successfully

Amnesia Haze is a feminized, Sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid of medium to tall height. Experienced cannabis cultivators classify the growing difficulty of this strain as moderate. While suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Amnesia Haze requires warmer temperatures to flourish and reach its full potential. Indoor flowering time typically takes between 10-13 weeks after germination, with yields averaging between 600-800g/m2.  

  • Prone to pest issues and infection, so keep buds supported and well-ventilated at all times
  • Prune consistently to ensure the size of the plant does not quickly become overwhelming 
  • Use foliar spray with a compost tea to help boost immune system health

Amnesia Haze: A Complicated Genetic Hybrid

Amnesia Haze is a popular Sativa-dominant cannabis strain that rose to fame in the coffee shops of Amsterdam. This complicated genetic hybrid was created by breeding Southwest Asian varieties with Jamaican Haze, then crossing the resulting strain with Afghan-Hawaiian genetics to further enhance the taste and shorten the plant’s flowering time.   


  • Brand Victory Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Soul rising
  • Genetics Amnesia x Haze
  • Height High
  • Yield 600 - 800 g/m² indoors
    1000 - 1500 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 56 - 63 days
  • Outdoor finish October
  • Genotype Sativa dominant
  • THC 25 %
  • CBD 0.90 %
  • Andre
    16 June 2021
    16 June 2021
    • Advantages
      Read general impressions
    • Disadvantages
      Read general impressions
    • General impressions
      So,  I smoked this strain with my friends on Thursday. All I can say is WOW - what a high! The feeling was very warm; I definitely got an instant sativa high from it at first - so did my friends from what I could tell - our conversation became a hilarious one. I also got the guitar out and started to write a riff and vocal line. Eventually, the indica high creeped along, and I felt like I was floating when I was sat on my sofa - it was amazing, my whole body was in a numb state of awe. Then the munchies... WARNING: DO NOT SMOKE THIS WEED IF YOU'RE TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT. After trying to resist the munchies, my friends left and I ate: - Chicken Tikka Masala Curry - 5 Packets Of Mini Cheddars - Big bag of Maltesers - 3 Kit Kat Chunkies... I also fell asleep at 21:30, which is very early considering recently I've been falling asleep at 02:00-03:00am. Great strain for insomnia by my experience. TLDR: instant sativa hit, indica traits creep later on, no negatives, great high 
  • William
    6 October 2021
    6 October 2021
    • Advantages
      Great strain !! 
    • Disadvantages
      Didn’t notice any 
    • General impressions
      Never was a fan of sativa stains UNTIL THIS It was much more of a cerebral high and I felt as if I had figured everything out and could work through my depression because of what I saw. I felt like I was inside my own mind, but the earth was my mind? We were just walking parts of Earth. It was like my pain and misery was taken by the sky and literally lifted off me. It was almost sunset so the moon was really bright and so was the sky, and it was a crescent moon. As I looked at it, it was like the moon is actually a hole of my mind and there is light from the outside world shining through this hole. It has taught me a lot about overcoming my mental health and how mental health is just a perception of the world and yourself. And now I understand why people can be genuinely happy in the world because that's all they've seen and are used to…
  • pineapple
    6 September 2021
    6 September 2021
    • Advantages
      One of my favourite strains, always makes me so happy
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      A great strain. the smell is a composition of lemons, easy smoke without any coughing. Intensive, yet mellow cerebral high, makes u smile like an happy idiot for at least two hours.
  • angel_0
    30 September 2019
    30 September 2019
    • Advantages
      All 3 seeds germinated at once even faster than other seeds. Root system is very strong and fast growing - make sure you have large enough pots. 
    • Disadvantages
      Long flowering time. Recommend planting it in a greenhouse. 
    • General impressions
      Awesome strain with stable genetics. 

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