Auto Blueberry Ghost OG feminized seeds

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Auto Blueberry Ghost OG is a feminized autoflowering cannabis strain developed by Original Sensible Seeds. This Indica-dominant hybrid will amaze you with 10 week flowering, 18% THC levels and an inviting sweet and earthy aroma of resin packed buds!

  • Original Sensible Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Euphoric and relaxed
  • Blueberry Ghost OG x Auto OG Kush
  • 60 - 120 cm
  • 450 g/m² indoors
    150 g/plant outdoors
  • 70 - 75 days
  • 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
  • 18 %

Auto Blueberry Ghost OG: Minimal Effort, Maximum Results

Auto Blueberry Ghost OG is an Indica-leaning hybrid that combines the best qualities of Blueberry Ghost OG and Auto OG Kush to yield this gorgeous stocky plant, filled to the brim with dense, resinous buds.

This mighty autoflower allows cultivators to achieve high qualities and quantities of some of the densest buds you’ve ever seen in record times. The average cultivator can expect potential yields of up to 450g/m2 in as little as 10 weeks. This is truly a strain which requires minimal effort and time before you are able to reap the fruits of your labour. Auto Blueberry Ghost OG is a well-balanced hybrid, but her Indica genetics seem to come through strong, which is evident in her short and bushy stature. She would benefit from pruning any light blocking fan leaves to ensure every bud is able to soak up all the light they can!

  • Short height – Auto Blueberry Ghost OG grows to a final height of 1.2 m.
  • Max EC of water – 0.8 in veg, up to 1.2 in flower.
  • Water pH: 5.8-6.0.
  • Recommended lighting: Veg: 300W CFL, Flower: 450W COB LED.
  • Recommended nutrients: Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect® Connoisseur Bloom Part A&B.

Berry Flavored Beauty

Auto Blueberry Ghost OG has an inviting aroma that is earthy, rich and contains strong notes of berries. This translates through to the flavor profile which is intensely sweet. Her effect is strong and is sure to take you on a journey which begins with waves of euphoria before settling into a relaxed, uplifting high.

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