Auto Northern Lights feminized seeds (00 Seeds)

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Auto Northern Lights from 00 Seeds is an autoflowering strain well-suited for stealthy growing because of its weak aroma. Good 450-550 g/m² yields and 18% THC buds combine stone and medical effect, helping users cope with insomnia and migraines. There are notes of a high letting you see Northern Lights if you close your eyes.

  • 00 Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Intense physical and mental effect
  • Northern Lights x Ruderalis
  • 80 - 100 cm indoors
    120 - 150 cm outdoors
  • 450 - 550 g/m² indoors
  • November
  • 80 - 90 days
  • 18 %

Auto Northern Lights: A Plant for Anonymity

Auto Northern Lights is the Autoflowering version of the highly popular strain, produced by 00 Seeds. This legendary strain is used worldwide for both it’s insane medicinal and recreational uses – sending the user into a deep relaxation of the body and mind with its Indica charm.

Indoors, this strain is perfect for the discreet user, no need for the use of any filters as not much aroma is given off in the initial growing period. It doesn’t grow too tall, just 80-100cm indoors and will reach from 120-150 cm when given room to grow outdoors, but is more adept to growing wide – so you’ll only need around 9seeds per m2. If given the right care and attention, your plants can produce a very impressive 500g/m2 of yield with a flowering period of 80-90 days. Outdoors, this strain can produce up to 80g/plant at harvest time from April to November. The quality of buds can be even better than indoor growing if you give it at least 5hrs of sunlight every day, with a good covering of nutrient dense soil around each plant.

  • THC content of around 18%
  • Recommended Techniques: Topping, as well as growing in Sea of Green (SoG) and Screen of Green (SCRoG) will maximise results.
  • Lighting: Plants will respond well to LED 600W during vegetation stages and LED 1000W during flowering.

Beautiful Taste, Powerful Impact

The Autoflowering version of this famous strain stays true to its roots – with the same sweet and spicy aroma and delicate, earthy taste. It provides an intense, relaxing high – followed by psychoactive effects. Be careful as the physical effects can be very powerful and is more recommended for night-time use.