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Barbara Bud (House of the Great Gardener Seeds)

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A rare treat for Indica lovers, Barbara Bud weed is famous for her smooth velvety smoke and the kind of mellow body buzz that relieves symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety, and depression without making you groggy or spaced out. Her sweet and fruity buds also look extremely frosty and even furry, making her an excellent source for hash, rosin, etc. In fact, Barbara Bud has won many awards mostly in the hash, extracts, and solvents categories.

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House of the Great Gardener
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa dominant
THC 16.6 % CBD 0.07 %
All characteristics

Barbara Bud Seeds Info

Barbara Bud is an award-winning Indica-dominant variety that has been raking in awards at cannabis events in Holland, Spain, and Canada since 2014. Not many facts about this weed are disclosed by the breeder, but what we do know is that this strain is a cross between Shishkaberry and Afghani.


Both of Barbara Bud’s parents originate in Afghanistan. Shishkaberry itself is a hybrid of Blueberry and Afghani, meaning the strain’s entire lineage can be traced back to the region famous for its hash. No wonder their descendant has won so many prizes as a raw material for all manner of concentrates.


Barbara Bud is perfect both as a daytime smoke and a late-night medicine. Most users report sleepiness as the main symptom produced by these buds. However, if you smoke it in smaller doses, you may feel just the opposite: a burst of alertness and focus wrapped in a perfectly happy mood.

THC And CBD Levels

There’s much conflicting information as to the specific level of THC contained within Barbara Bud. However, potency-wise, this cannabis falls into the medium category, and the percentage of CBD is extremely low.

Smell And Taste

A classic Afghani earthiness is complemented by a rich sweetness and notes of berries, citrus, and fruit. Sometimes, this mix of terpenes is even reminiscent of bubblegum. The smoke is smooth and silky, and feels very easy on your throat and lungs.


Both the size of Barbara Bud and its yields are average. On the other hand, considering how fast this cannabis plant reaches harvest, this is hardly an issue.

Flowering Time

Barbara Bud takes as little as 49 days to complete the flowering cycle – truly record-breaking as far as photoperiod strains are concerned.

Grow Tips

From the grow info and reviews available for Barbara Bud weed, it’s clear that Barbara Bud’s Afghani genetics make this compact and stocky plant uncommonly hardy and resistant to elements. Otherwise, her predecessors wouldn’t have survived the harsh conditions of their native mountain range. Other Barbara Bud details that you should know are:

  • It has a short height and Christmas tree-like shape.
  • Get ready for accelerated bud production.
  • The plant’s flowers are extremely resinous.

Barbara Bud Seeds

Of the many Indica genetics available for sale online at Herbies, Barbara Bud seeds are guaranteed to give any Afghani enthusiast exactly the kind of experience they’re looking for.


  • Brand House of the Great Gardener
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Infectious energy rush
  • Genetics Ghani AF x Shishkaberry
  • Awards Multiple Cup Winner
  • Height Medium
  • Yield Medium
  • Flowering indoors 49 days
  • Genotype Sativa dominant
  • THC 16.6 %
  • CBD 0.07 %
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