Black Blood feminized seeds

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The Black Blood weed strain was selectively bred to contain not only 18% THC, but also 5% CBD – far more than most of its peers. A very potent healing substance, CBD mellows out the effects of THC, making the high less edgy and more clear-headed. These blueberry-smelling buds should be your first choice if you’re looking to medicate from the moment you wake up until late at night.

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Black Blood Seeds Info

According to the information provided by the breeder, Black Blood was created as the ultimate medicinal strain, as reflected in the hefty levels of both THC and CBD. The strain’s creators also didn’t forget about the organoleptic properties of the final product such features as ease of growth and short flowering time.


The backbone of Black Blood’s genetics is Medicann’s own Blue Blood, which is basically a hybrid of Blueberry and a choice phenotype of OG Kush they’ve been hoarding since 1998. This lineage was further improved upon by crossing it with Black Domina. The results were an increase in yield and higher resin production.


Black Blood can be used for recreational purposes because it creates a relaxed calm mellow feeling. However, its main purpose is to provide relief symptoms where either THC or CBD are effective, including:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Nausea and loss of appetite in cancer patients
  • Inflammation and pain

THC Levels

While this strain’s THC levels are rather high at 18%, its psychoactive effects are leveled out by the likewise high CBD content at 5%. Both substances can exert their healing effects on patients’ mind and body, while still allowing them to easily go about their daily chores without feeling tired or confused.

Smell And Taste

Black Blood is the kind of medicine that both smells and tastes good. This is thanks to one of her parents, Blueberry, which bestowed her rich terpene profile on this weed. The flavor of the smoke is sweet, and the buds smell of earth, fruit, and berries. There’s also a peppery Kush influence in the taste.


Due to the influence of Black Domina, the productivity of this strain was significantly improved. It’s not record-shattering, but you can count on 400g/m² (1.3oz/ft²) indoors easily.

Flowering Time

For a 60/40 Indica/Sativa hybrid, Black Blood is extremely fast-flowering. It can finish indoors in around 53 days from the 12/12 flip, and outside, plants can be harvested in the first week of October.

Grow Tips

Black Blood can be categorized as a very easy-to-grow strain, perfect for busy people and first-time gardeners. These seeds are feminized, so you won’t have to watch out for males or hermies.

  • Expect medium-sized plants that are easy to manage.
  • The strain grows bushy when trained.
  • It also benefits greatly from lollipopping.

Black Blood Seeds

The affordable price is one of Black Blood seeds’ attractive features. For such premium-quality genetics, they’re a real bargain, and can be bought conveniently online at Herbies.