Black Domina regular seeds

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Black Domina Regular is a highly sought-after Indica-dominant strain due to the unique taste, aroma and effect. The hybrid plant gives off an intense aroma, beautiful savoury berry taste and a powerfully relaxing effect on the body. Ideal for injuries, pain management and stress issues.

  • Sensi Seeds
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Will take you on a trip inside your mind
  • Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani
  • 1st Outdoor, Spannabis Cannabis Champions Cup 2010
    2nd Hydro - Coffeeshops, Highlife Cup 2005
  • Short
  • High
  • 50 days
  • 5% Sativa / 95% Indica
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Black Domina Regular: The Ultimate Hybrid Indica

Black Domina Regular is a cannabis strain fully developed by Sensi Seeds. The strain has roots in Afghan genetics and will carry a strong frame and structure for both indoor and outdoor growing. Indica heavy, the hybrid strain will give you fantastic results after just 50 days of flowering.

Growing Details:

Indoors the strain produces a large frame and structure. We recommend a 12/12 light system when you flip the plant into flowering. It is suitable for the average grower and will produce a dark, delicious bud with plenty of resin and seductive trichomes to go around each plant. You can harvest a large amount of quality buds in as little as 50 days flowering time. It is ideal for extractions due to the almost all Indica genes and large resin content. Outdoors the Black Domina is perfect for warm environments, giving you a hefty yield in a plant. Be sure each seed in nutrient-dense soil with exposure to at least 5 hours of sunlight per day.

  • Multi-Cannabis Cup winner.
  • Perfect for hot climates and growers who want a quick turnaround of harvest.
  • Incredibly compact height, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Classic taste and effect have developed a cult following.

Very Potent Taste and Smell

It has a citrusy, earthy taste and aroma to suit. With notes of sandalwood, pine wood and walnuts – be blown away by the incredibly complex flavor profile and potent effect of Indica to suit. Fall deep into a relaxation – ideal for medicinal uses and sleep aid.