Black Widow feminized seeds

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Black Widow is a feminized cannabis strain that produces bushy plants that finish their flowering in 55 to 60 days. Yields of 300-400 g/plant contain top-notch, dense, heavily resin-coated buds with THC levels of 19%. Get ready for a minty and floral aromatic profile to compliment its powerful sedative effects.

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  • Feminized
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  • Outdoor
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Black Widow: Short Indoors, Tall Outdoors

The Black Widow feminized cannabis seeds provide great cultivars for people expecting high quality and bountiful yields. Long-lasting effects from high THC contents aimed to relax your body are decorated with minty scents. The yields after 2 months of blooming will fill all your jars!

Indoor plants from this strain are shorter at a maximum of 1 m tall, while outdoor plants can reach up to 2 m. The dark green leaves that grow from these plants are huge and have fat blades. The strain has short internodal spacing, and the flowers grow thick and big, and glitter white because of all the trichomes covering them. It can tolerate most pests, but during flowering provide good ventilation and low humidity to avoid molding.

This strain takes up to 10 weeks to ripen its flowers. By this point, it yields 300 g/plant when grown outdoors, while indoor yields can reach up to 400 g per sq.m.

  • Min 600 Watts HID, 240 Watts LEDs;
  • Veg. photoperiod: 18/6 – 20/4;
  • Min. vegetation time: 1 month;
  • Ideal EC range: 1.4-1.8;
  • Temps: 18C - 28C;
  • Flowering RH: max 50%;
  • Ideal for SOG, SCROG, and Mainline.

Nighttime Delight

This strain boast 19% THC levels and 0.3% CBD, resulting in highly sedative effects that alleviate insomnia and bodily pains. Not the best for daytime consumption, but excellent to fill up any space with floral scents that display minty and mossy tones.