Blackberry Gum Autoflower feminized seeds

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Blackberry Gum Auto is a candy-like, Indica-dominant autoflowering hybrid of two best-selling and award-winning strains – Blueberry and Bubblegum. The idea was to mix the flavors of berries and chewing gum, as well as to improve upon the parents’ potency. With THC levels consistently reported at 22%, the final product offers that uniquely mellow type of high when you can’t decide where the total bliss resides – in your head or your body. This strain is therefore equally perfect for daily and nig

  • Seed Stockers
  • Feminized
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Anti-anxiety plant
  • Bubble Gum x Blueberry
  • 500 g/m² indoors
  • 75 days
  • Indica dominant
  • 22 %

Blackberry Gum Auto Strain Info

A queen of aesthetics, this lady not only has striking looks, but also retains every trait that made her parents so hugely popular. This autoflowering Indica plant is white with resin, fragrant, and produces sugar-coated nuggets bursting with THC and other mind-altering chemicals.


Blackberry Gum Auto is a cross between Bubblegum and Blueberry – two legendary parents that are celebrated for their intense aromas and flavors and their strong yet easy-going highs. This lineage shines through in every aspect of the resulting cross.


This is the perfect strain for a relaxing Sunday evening. Her effects are euphoric without being overwhelming, and the variety is often consumed for her stress-relieving properties.

Blackberry Gum Autoflower effects
Blackberry Gum Autoflower weed effects
Blackberry Gum Autoflower strain effects
Effects of Blackberry Gum Autoflower

THC Levels

Though this weed has around 22% THC, it’s not that kind of percentage that will try to immobilize your body and twist your mind. Rather, it’s the kind of power that you can harness and guide wherever you like.

Smell And Taste

Blackberry Gum Auto has a terpene profile like no other. The flavor is intensely fruity and with a delightful scent to match, sweet and delicate.


These relatively compact but branchy plants produce more than a casual smoker can realistically consume – 500g/m² (1.6oz/ft²) indoors. Outdoors, where the plant is exposed to pure solar energy, Blackberry Gum Auto produces even bigger harvests.

Flowering Time

With rapid vegetative growth and just a tad longer than usual flowering period, Blackberry Gum Auto finishes the whole cycle in just 75 days from seed.

Grow Tips

This blue-tinged beauty is more than just a pretty face! She also brings impressive yields of sugar-candy buds, with the ideal bud-to-leaf ratio that requires minimal trimming. Experienced cultivators can achieve her characteristic color-stained leaves by ‘shocking’ the plant with cooler temperatures in the late vegetative period. Here’s some more information to help you grow this strain:

  • The plant reaches a final height of just 1.1m (3.4ft) indoors.
  • It’s best grown as a multi-branch plant to maximize the number of bud sites.

Blackberry Gum Auto Seeds

These autoflower seeds show great uniformity and consistency, and all will start to flower automatically under any lighting schedule after a very short but vigorous vegetative stage.

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