Blue Mystic feminized seeds (Royal Queen Seeds)

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Blue Mystic by RQS is an Indica-dominant marijuana strain, a cross between legendary strains: Oregon Blueberry and Northern Lights. This cannabis strain finishes in just 8-9 weeks, grows compact and uniformed, does well both indoors and outdoors, and is super easy to grow.

  • Royal Queen Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Pleasant weakness
  • Blueberry x Northern Light
  • Multiple Cup winner
  • 60 - 100 cm indoors
    180 - 220 cm outdoors
  • 375 - 425 g/m² indoors
    400 - 450 g/plant outdoors
  • 56 - 63 days
  • Mid October
  • 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
  • 15 - 21 %
  • < 1

Blue Mystic - Colorful, Tasty and Potent Indica

Blue Mystic will grow fast and bushy, usually staying under 100cm indoors and around 150cm outdoors, but if given enough vegetation time and root space it can easily reach up to 200cm. Because of its vigorous growth, branches may need support to help them deal with the buds' weight in the final weeks of flowering. Buds will be dense and covered with resin, medium sized, but will cover the branches from top to bottom. Most plants, especially if exposed to slightly lower night temperatures, will exhibit purple or blue shades and colors.

  • Indica-dominant (80%) hybrid, a cross between Oregon Blueberry and Northern Lights;
  • Finishes flowering in 8-9 weeks indoors or by the middle of October outdoors;
  • Height is 60-100cm indoors, 180-200cm outdoors;
  • Yield is 375-425g/m2 or 400-450g per plant;
  • Usually tests at 15-21% THC and <1% CBD.

Fruity and Tropical

Aromas are fresh and tropical, reminding you of freshly picked blueberries, with hints of tropical fruit, flowers and wood. Flavors are sweet and fruity with berry and earthy undertones. Effects are calming, relaxing, happy, body buzz and couch locked.