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Blueberry Regular seeds


The Blueberry cannabis strain is a potent Indica with an intensive sweet and fruity aroma that empowers the room with the smell of fresh berries. As a descendant of the legendary and highly potent Afghani Indica, it’s no surprise that Blueberry has a THC content of over 20%, providing long-lasting and uplifting effects that are great for socializing.

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Dutch Passion
Outdoor Indoor
20% Sativa / 80% Indica
THC 22 - 26 %
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Blueberry’s Unique High Experience

The variety of its genetic profile is the reason for the unique effects of the Blueberry cannabis strain. Although an Indica-dominant strain, effects are pretty much the opposite of what you might expect from that. This is thanks to its uniquely clear and balanced effects – a combination of a relaxing body high and a mildly euphoric head high that’s unusual among Indica-dominant strains. Due to this, you can use it all day to combat pain and stress. 

Flavor Of Blueberry True To Its Name

The Blueberry cannabis strain has a slightly sweet taste with a hint of other fruity notes on top of that. Like the rest of Blueberry, its flavor is considered quite unique.

Smell The Real Aroma! Smell Blueberry!

Its potent and fruity smell is one of the main reasons we think of fruit and blueberries all around Blueberry. This extraordinary aroma and taste, combined with its crystal clear and uplifting high, is a beautifully unique combination. 

Growing Colorful Purple Buds

Blueberry is a colorful strain that can be grown both outdoors and indoors. A grateful strain when grown in optimal conditions, it can yield up to 450g/m² of beautiful purple buds. With that in mind, the stable genetics and resilience that Blueberry provides can be truly appreciated. 

  • Blueberry forms a lot of branches, so it is advisable to use SOG training methods while growing. 
  • Ensure plenty of sunlight with moderate temperatures.
  • The growing process from seed to harvest lasts around 12-15 weeks.
  • Low temperatures during flowering affect the color of buds, turning them purple! 

Classic Triple Genetics Perfect For Breeders

The Blueberry cannabis strain is an 80% Indica – Afghani Indica, to be exact. The rest of the genetics consist of Thai Sativa and Oaxacan Sativa, the latter also widely known as Mexican Sativa. This unique combination is the reason why Blueberry has earned a spot among the legendary strains. The variety of its genetic profile is considered perfect for breeders. As a result, many popular crosses have emerged alongside those most widely known: Blueberry Diesel and Blue Dream.


    • Brand Dutch Passion
    • Sex Regular
    • Flowering type Photoperiod
    • Suitable for Outdoor
    • Suitable for Indoor
    • Effect Holy grail
    • Awards 1st at HTCC 2000
      3rd at HTCC 2001
    • Yield 300 g/m² indoors
    • Flowering indoors 63 days
    • Genotype 20% Sativa / 80% Indica
    • THC 22 - 26 %
    • Rockymountainhigh
      2 May 2022
      2 May 2022
      • Advantages
        Absolutely incredible in the high mountain climate, great terpenoid production. Thc is 18-21%. Grown using 100% organic fertilizers and amended soil/coco blend.
      • Disadvantages
        Can cause dry mouth
      • General impressions
        I early harvested about an oz 9/22. 90% cloudy : 9% clear : 1% Amber. Motivating, creative with a relaxing finish. About 18-21%.
        80% Cloudy : 20% Amber
        Deep relaxation, productive, uplifting
      Photos from customers
    • Organic_Herbalist
      17 January 2022
      17 January 2022
      • Advantages
        The grow was very exciting and very colorful.
        Effect: Balanced/relaxing/positive
      • Disadvantages
      • General impressions
        Cultivation Fact Sheet:
        Cultivation: 100% soil/organic-organic (compost/mycorhizae mushrooms/sheep wool pellets/etc.)
        Water: Filtered osmosis water PH 6.5
        Pots. Terracotta pots 18.8L
        Light Spectrum:
        Grow / 1x MHL 600W
        Bloom / 2x NDL 600W
        Recommended use:
        In smaller quantities also recommended during the day / in higher quantities in the evening / night.
        I personally mix it with CBD flowers and achieve for me the best effect.
        For this reason, my focus in the future is especially on varieties with increased CBD content.
      Photos from customers
    • FoTwenny
      22 March 2022
      22 March 2022
      • Advantages
        This cultivar was relatively easy to grow and presented some beautiful colors during her late flower fade. Smells amazing!
      • Disadvantages
      • General impressions
        Great indica stone without making me too sleepy. I enjoy the euphoria with a good movie and some munchies.
      Photos from customers

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