Boax CBD feminized seeds

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Big Bud Auto from Seed Stockers is a feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain developed by Seed Stockers. This Indica-dominant hybrid is part of their XXL Auto Collection as she offers truly unreal harvests of dense buds which are caked in trichomes! Pair this with THC levels of over 22% and what’s not to love?

  • Cali Connection Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Entourage effect
  • Hindu Kush x Otto
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • 3 %
  • 18 %

Humongous Yields!

Big Bud Auto is a feminized, autoflowering cannabis strain produced by Seed Stockers. This Indica-dominant classic originated in the US before being transported to the Netherlands and she is preserved to this day! True to her namesake she promises dense oversized buds with very little leaf.

Big Bud Auto is an autoflowering variety of a mighty strain, there is a lot of mystery shrouding her origins however, many agree that she is a hybrid with Afghan and Skunk parents. As a part of Seed Stockers XXL Auto Collection, she guarantees a remarkable harvest – upwards of 550 g/m2 in just over 10 weeks! A hydroponic setup may be able to push this number even further however, this strain has well-established genetics which are able to perform in any medium and preserve through small changes in temperature and humidity. As she has a great bud-to-leaf ratio High Stress Training (HST) techniques such as topping are recommended for a truly unbelievable harvest.

  • Short height – She reaches a final height of 1.1 m indoors.
  • Max EC of water – 1.0 in veg, up to 1.4 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0.
  • Recommended lighting: Veg: 450 W CFL, Flower: 600 W COB LED.
  • Recommended nutrients: Nectar for the Gods range

Big Bud Auto: Perfect for Winding Down After a Long Day

Not only does this strain guarantee quantity but also, she offers top-quality bud. True to her Indica lineage she creates a deeply relaxing full body sensation which can often aid sleep – perfect for bedtime use. Her earthy and spicy aroma are beautifully complemented by her delicate, fruity taste.