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Bruce Banner #3 Fast feminized seeds

Bruce Banner #3 Fast is a well-balanced hybrid photoperiod cannabis strain developed by Original Sensible Seeds. A cross between the original Bruce Banner #3 and the Indica-dominant Black Domina, Bruce Banner #3 Fast delivers yields of up to 750 g/m² after only 55 days of flower.

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Original Sensible Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
35% Sativa / 65% Indica
THC 25 %
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Bruce Banner #3 Fast: All The Best Of Bruce Banner #3 – Now Faster!

Bruce Banner #3 Fast is a cross between Bruce Banner #3 and Black Domina. With heavy yields of dense, sticky cannabis flowers, Banner #3 Fast has all you could want from a cannabis strain.

If you’re an indoor cannabis grower, a short flowering period is always desirable and Bruce Banner #3 Fast takes this to the next level with a lightning-fast flowering period of 50 – 55 days. She grows to a medium height indoors and can be grown into the desired shape using a range of training techniques while outdoor plants grow almost 3 m tall! Indoor yields for this fantastic hybrid are up to 750 g/m2 while outdoor growers can bring in as much as 900 g per plant. Here is some further information to help you grow this strain:

  • Medium to Tall height – Bruce Banner #3 Fast grows as tall as 140 – 280 cm.
  • Max EC of water – 1.6 in veg, up to 2.0 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0
  • Recommended lighting: Veg: 300 W LED, Flower: 750 W COB LED
  • Recommended nutrients: Fox Farm FX14049 Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom Trio.
Bruce Banner #3 Fast effects
Bruce Banner #3 Fast weed effects
Bruce Banner #3 Fast strain effects
Effects of Bruce Banner #3 Fast

Large, Resin-packed Buds

Bruce Banner #3 Fast smells, tastes and looks exactly like the original Bruce Banner #3 – large, resin-covered buds with a fantastic, fruity aroma and hints of Kush. Her part-Indica genetics leads to phenotypes with a tendency to grow bright purple flowers which dry into beautiful, dark buds.


  • Brand Original Sensible Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Cerebral stone
  • Genetics Colorado Ghost OG x Strawberry Diesel x Black Domina
  • Height 90 - 140 cm indoors
    180 - 280 cm outdoors
  • Yield 800 g/m² indoors
    1000 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 50 - 55 days
  • Outdoor finish September
  • Genotype 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
  • THC 25 %
  • Interalia666
    2 March 2020
    2 March 2020
    • Advantages
      Ideal strain for nighttime use 😍
      Tastes and smells awesome 😍 😍
    • Disadvantages
      Buds are quite loose and airy and will be down to personal preference as to what you like.
    • General impressions
      A little bit early to describe the general impression, but I love her fruity/piney smell and taste right from the get go. Night time smoke for me, great with a movie. Buds are quite loose and airy and will be down to personal preference as to what you like. Plenty of trichome coverage and the buds are extremely sticky to handle even after 7 days drying. The few buds that didn't… erhm, survive harvest have been sampled and provide a satisfying THC slap around the chops along with a surprisingly agreeable taste despite the extreme prematurity of the curing process. Would be happy to grow this strain again. Many thanks to Herbies!
  • Med_in_Tropic
    20 May 2020
    20 May 2020
    • Advantages
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      BB 3 Fast is doing okay but not really great
      And I worry that BB3 will grow to be brittle. So, I am not pushing for growth with my compost tea. Instead I gave her rooting promoter that stop her vertical grow.
      How is compost tea speed up growth? I use fruit compost tea that has a blend with banana flower. Compost with banana flower tends to lengthen and speed up growth. However, it is like bean sprout. They are big and fast but brittle.
      Where I live, banana flower is plentiful and is a waste portion from banana harvest. By far and large they are thrown out. And some made way to compost tea. Fungus growing on banana flower produces gibberellin. Gibberellin stretches plants.
      The way I slow down grow is to add root promoter. THis particular with IAA in it. The effect is thickening of cell walls. Height won’t shoot up. This week BB3 stop getting taller altogethter.
      Hopefully the plant will be tougher.
      Next week, BB3 Fast will go into larger container. This is raining season and I want the soil to drain well. So, I’ll be using laundry basket as container.
  • Interalia666
    3 May 2020
    3 May 2020
    • Advantages
      this is the strain that my friends keep asking 'if I have any left'. 😊
    • Disadvantages
      The effects are not long-lasting
    • General impressions
      SMOKE UPDATE: After 8 weeks in the jar the smell and flavours really comes through. Buds have tightened up nicely as they have cured and THC smack is instant (before the end of the first exhale) and may surprise those with modest tolerances. That said, the effects are not long lasting and can dissipate in under an hour and therefore is easy to regulate.
      Buds have tightened up nicely and no longer have an 'airy' appearance that was present at first jarring.
      Out of the four strains I grew during this round, this is the strain that my friends keep asking 'if I have any left'.
  • kate
    19 July 2021
    19 July 2021
    • Advantages
      Wow this is the bomb strain. Great taste and very smooth. Perfect for day and night use.
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      nice flavor, sweet and fruity while providing a very strong calming and euphoric effect. Will definitely grow this strain again!

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