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Bubble Kush Automatic feminized seeds


Bubble Kush Autoflowering by RQS is an Indica dominant hybrid, a three way cross between Bubble Gum, OG Kush and Critical Automatic. Quick to finish with nice yield and quality, this cannabis strain is great for all environments and setups both indoors and outdoors.

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Royal Queen Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
10% Sativa / 60% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
THC 16 - 19 % CBD < 1 %
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Bubble Kush Automatic - Perfect Nighttime Indica

Growing fast and vigorous but staying manageable size, Bubble Kush Autoflowering is perfect for both indoor and outdoor gardens, even sunnier balconies and terraces. With genetic heritage including OG Kush and Bubble Gum, it is packed with flavor and potency. Big, dense and hard dark-green buds will fill out the numerous, strong branches from top to bottom providing for a great and quality harvest in just 7 to 8 weeks from sprouting. By adding Ruderalis to the mix, along with shortened finishing time, comes better resistance to pests and disease, which makes it easy to grow, even for inexperienced growers.

  • Indica dominant (60%) hybrid, a cross between Bubble Gum, OG Kush and Critical Automatic;
  • Finishing in 7-8 weeks from sprouting;
  • Height is 70-100cm indoors, 100-140cm outdoors;
  • Yield is 350-400g/m2, 120-170g per plant;
  • Usually testing at 16-19% THC with <1% CBD.

Nice and relaxing, perfect nighttime strain

Aromas are earthy and woody with piney, fuelly and citrusy undertones. Flavors are sweet, candy-like with hints of lemon and spices. Effects are fast hitting and long lasting - body buzz, relaxed, sociable, hungry, sleepy or even couch-locked.


  • Brand Royal Queen Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Autoflowering
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Deep deep Stone
  • Genetics Bubble Gum x O.G. Kush x Critical Automatic
  • Height 70 - 100 cm indoors
    100 - 140 cm outdoors
  • Yield 350 - 400 g/m² indoors
    120 - 170 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 42 - 56 days
  • From seed to harvest 70 - 77 days
  • Genotype 10% Sativa / 60% Indica / 30% Ruderalis
  • THC 16 - 19 %
  • CBD < 1 %
  • Hemporio_Afghani
    12 June 2022
    12 June 2022
    • Advantages
      An astonishingly fast grower, she could easily have handled a bloom regime from week 5. The buds were denser than anything else, its really a strain of the future! Big, strong, vibrant sativa dom whose roots were ripping out of the pot. The way she handles training is also astounding, recovering from supercropping in less than 24 hrs. All the LST lines were tight the whole time, cant wait to run this bean again!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      very dense nugs even the little popcorn nugs were rock hard
      quite easy to trim had a very modern cannabis look with most of the leaves sitting beneath the buds
      extremely sticky, must have produced about 0.5g scissor hash with an amazing bassy taste
      the nugs initialy had a deep bassy earth smell that was skunky but not quite skunk
      but after settling in a jar it has an almost sweet bassy smell in the jar which is misleading
      because as soon as you light it up you get a strong bubblegum candy flavour and at least one blunt had a predominately foam-banana candy flavour
      the high is comfortable but potent with a medium body load and a relaxed cerebral sativa high good for an easy going daytime nice morning smoke
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  • Iop420
    13 April 2022
    13 April 2022
    • Advantages
      Bubble Kush Automatic from RQS is a great strain to grow
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      Well this was definitely a great strain to grow, devellopes dense and hard buds real quick with lots of trichomes .She adapted well to LST.
      The smell is delicious like candy and fruit. smoke wise fruity and sweet with a small earthy hint.
      The effect starts off with a head high which soon turns into a relaxing body stone.
      The strain is very resistant, grew normal, with no troubles.
      taste 10/10
      high 9/10
      growth 9/10
      density 10/10
      yield 9/10
      I recommend this strain to most people as theres nothing to not like about it. I will definitely grow again.
    Photos from customers

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