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Bubblegun regular seeds

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Bubblegun Regular seeds are a real Godsend for Sativa lovers who want their favorite type of weed to be as fast-flowering as an Indica. Bubblegun is, in fact, an Indica-dominant hybrid, but her effects induce a long-lasting and uplifting euphoria with strong pain-killing properties. And with a name like that, you can expect an intensely sweet taste which, in some phenotypes, really reminds you of an old-school bubblegum flavor.

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Spliff Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Sativa dominant
THC 9 - 15 % CBD 1 - 6 %
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Bubblegun Regular Seeds Info

Bubblegun Regular is an Indica-dominant hybrid, and is based on the famous Bubble Gum weed from Indiana, USA, which was later improved upon in Holland. The Bubblegun strain is the direct descendant of this classic, which the breeders from Spliff Seeds further crossed with AK-47.


The origins of Bubblegun Regular go back to 1970s USA, when amateur breeders were experimenting with weed from Latin America that was ubiquitous at the time. The family tree of this cannabis includes Mexican Sativa and Columbian Gold, but also Afghani Indica. However, the later addition of AK-47 DNA made Bugglegun more high-yielding than her predecessor.


When smoked, the high of Bubblegun Regular rushes upon you immediately and stays for a long time. It’s felt mostly in the head and makes you optimistic, alert, and motivated. Don’t overdo it, and you can enjoy this weed throughout the day.

THC And CBD Levels

Though the measured cannabinoid content has not been officially declared, the breeder maintains that Bubblegun Regular is a high-THC variety with a hefty percentage of CBD to boot.

Smell And Taste

The terpene profile of Bubblegun Regular creates a smell so sweet and thick that you’ll want to chew it. The intense sweetness is also retained in the taste, and sometimes – if you’re lucky with your pheno and did the growing and the curing right – you can get the coveted bubblegum taste in the smoke, too.


A medium to high yielder, Bubblegun Regular produces 400-500g/m² (1.3-1.6oz/ft²) indoors and 250-400g/plant (8.8-14oz) outdoors. Despite being very stocky and fast-flowering, this weed is incredibly generous in its yields.

Flowering Time

Bubblegun Regular guarantees an indoor grower a very comfortable flowering time of only 56-63 days, while outdoor gardeners can harvest her in October. This makes the strain suitable for growing in countries like France, Austria, and even parts of Germany.

Grow Tips

If you want to grow Bubblegun Regular SOG-style, give her a 24/0 light schedule in the first couple of weeks to make the plants even more squat and compact. In this case, they will also sport a towering main cola with small side branches. Alternatively, you can top her to get a plant with more girth and multiple buds.

  • This strain has a short height and dense plant structure.
  • Its hard and compact buds are a reminder of its AK-47 genetics.
  • Some pruning is advised to increase light penetration.

Bubblegun Regular Seeds

Bubblegun Regular seeds come at a great price online at Herbies, giving you a chance to grow a premium weed variety conveniently and inexpensively.


  • Brand Spliff Seeds
  • Sex Regular
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Genetics (Mexican x Colombian x Afghani) x AK
  • Height 80 - 100 cm indoors
    135 cm outdoors
  • Yield 400 - 500 g/m² indoors
    250 - 400 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 56 - 63 days
  • Outdoor finish October
  • Genotype Sativa dominant
  • THC 9 - 15 %
  • CBD 1 - 6 %
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