Buddha Deimos Auto Regular seeds

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Buddha Deimos Auto Regular is a sweet, yet spicy cannabis strain that will allow you to meditate like the Buddha himself, reaching pleasant bodily buzzes and deep insights. Great for meditating or for enjoying a thoughtful movie.

  • Buddha Seeds
  • Regular
  • Autoflowering
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Spicy relaxation, sweet contemplation
  • Northern Lights x Ruderalis
  • 70 - 80 cm
  • 450 - 525 g/m² indoors
    80 - 100 g/plant outdoors
  • 72 - 75 days
  • Indica dominant
  • No official information

Meditation Plant

Buddha Deimos Auto Regular cannabis strain is a great choice for those who like to practice meditation. After about 11 weeks, you will have a relatively big auto-flowering plant with powerful narcotic flowers that smell like fruity spices, ready for harvest.

Bushy But Not Small

Buddha Deimos Auto Regular will grow taller than most Indica-dominant auto-flowers, reaching almost 1 meter in height. It will develop female or male plants that will have many side branches, which can produce flowers as big as the main cola’s.

This Northern Lights - 7th generation offspring strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but take into account its size if growing in stealth operations. Yields for this strain can be expected to be around 450-525g/m2 indoors with a 20/4 photoperiod. In outdoor growing operations, you can expect 80-100g per plant, especially if they get direct sunlight in their branches for a minimum of 18 hours a day. This strain can easily take 24 hours of light if provided.

Harvests can be done about 75 days after planted, but some phenotypes might be ready in about 12 weeks.

Sweet Spices

This strain will produce flowers that have a clear, sweet, fruity scent that will be complemented with spicy tones. Its effects can be very strong, but are usually bodily pleasant and allow for introspection and contemplation.