Burmese Kush feminized seeds (Kera Seeds)

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The Burmese Kush cannabis strain is a feminized powerhouse that is unlike anything you have ever grown before. This Sativa-dominant Hybrid will produce glistening buds in as little as 9-weeks. If you are willing to put in the effort and care, you will be handsomely rewarded with a yield that set to break personal records.

  • Kera Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Smashed by the powerful stone
  • Trainwreck x White Widow
  • 55 - 65 cm indoors
    90 - 140 cm outdoors
  • Medium
  • 63 days
  • October
  • 90% Sativa / 10% Indica
  • 20 %
  • Medium

Burmese Kush: An Inspirational Strain For Your Garden

The Burmese Kush feminized cannabis strain has effects that anyone will enjoy. Although this is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid, you will find a wide variety of effects - from medicinal to recreational. One of her shining qualities is the fact that each THC-packed bud is filled with inspiration, and you will enjoy every moment of this unique strain. Burmese Kush is the result of crossing two award-winning strains: Trainwreck and White Widow.

When it comes to growing Burmese Kush cannabis seeds, you can rest assured that she is not too demanding. Although she isn’t a completely beginner-friendly strain, she is relatively easy to grow. A 600-watt HID or LED should suffice when growing this strain.

It’s important that you keep her veg time to a minimum, as she will explode in growth as she gets into her rhythm. Plan to give Burmese Kush as much space as you can afford as she enjoys to branch out.

  • Watering Volume Per Plant: 0.25-0.50 Liters per 24-hours
  • Container Size: 11L
  • Lamp to Plant Distance: 40cm
  • Height: Up to 140-cm
  • pH (Hydro): 5.5

A Medicinal Strain For Your Arsenal

Burmese Kush is an optimal strain for those that seek pain relief. Although a Sativa in nature, Burmese Kush leaves its users relaxed and numb to any pains that may be affecting them. The fruity and dank undertones will waft in the air after being burned, and you will be left in a dazed state of bliss that’s hard to shake for hours on end.

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