Cafe Racer feminized seeds

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Café Racer is feminized cannabis strain seeds from Blimburn Seeds that produce massive sticky buds. They have an exceptionally intense earthy and spicy aroma with the most pleasant taste combination of sweet and sour. The sensation develops into Café Racer's potent effect, which is euphoric and creative with a touch of relaxation. This cannabis variety is perfect for both day and night time usage.

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Blimburn Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
70% Sativa / 30% Indica
THC 25 - 35 % CBD 0.3 %
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Café Racer: High Effect That You Will Not Forget

The effect of the buds grown from Café Racer seeds starts with a cerebral high, which most users describe as euphoric and uplifting. This feminized cannabis strain brings a strong energy lift, characterized by a creativity rush that smoothly flows into a feeling of relaxation. By the way, its THC level is extremely high, 25%, which means Café Racer cannabis strain should be treated with caution - start low, and increase the intake gradually.

Cafe Racer effects
Cafe Racer weed effects
Cafe Racer strain effects
Effects of Cafe Racer

Duet of Citrus Taste & Skunky Aroma

Café Racer cannabis strain’s dominant flavors come from the purple lineage with the distinct skunk flavor and tanginess from berries and grapes. The skunkiness of this feminized cannabis strain is enhanced with the odors of spice and fuel. The Cookie lineage can be traced back as well, with the flavor that includes both the sweetness and the acidity of citrus fruit.

Use These Tips For Growing Café Racer 

This feminized cannabis variety's flowering period takes 70 -75 days when growing indoors and finishes anywhere between mid to late September when growing outdoors. The indoor yield can reach 450 g/m² (4,8 oz/ft²), while outdoors Café Racer will produce 450g (1lb) per plant. 

  • Café Racer is not mold-resistant - make sure to trim it and ensure proper ventilation to avoid having to deal with mold
  • Use SOG method to boost the production of buds 
  • Long stalks might need support to hold up the resinous nugs

Incredible Heritage Thanks To Its Genetics

This feminized cannabis strain is a cross between the legendary Girl Scout Cookies and Grand Daddy Purple. These two parent strains ensure the quality and the delicious skunky flavor of crops produced by Café Racer cannabis seeds. The abundant bud production comes from Big Bud, the parent of Grandaddy Purple, while THC level of 25% was inherited from Girl Scout Cookies, the winner of many Cannabis Cup awards in the USA. 


  • Brand Blimburn Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Creativity booster
  • Genetics Grandaddy Purple x Girl Scout Cookies
  • Awards Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Height 70 - 100 cm
  • Yield 450 g/m² indoors
    600 g/plant outdoors
  • Flowering indoors 60 - 70 days
  • Outdoor finish late October
  • Genotype 70% Sativa / 30% Indica
  • THC 25 - 35 %
  • CBD 0.3 %
    • Advantages
      9/10 for this strain.
      Made me euphoric and happy! 
      The buds are dense.
      Ideal for daytime use.
    • Disadvantages
      Sensitive to mold. It’s better to keep low humidity.
    • General impressions
      When i smoke i feel like a strong punch in the head makes me a bit dizzy but then a feeling euphoria and happiness. I think it's preferable to smoke during the day but at night isn't that bad either.
      This is not a difficult strain to grow. But if you are growing outdoors you should pay attention in the last weeks of flowering.
    • Advantages
      Easy to grow
      Smells great
    • Disadvantages
      Nothing so far
    • General impressions
      I’m growing a strain now from Blimburn Seeds called cafe racer. Smells real nice, bulks up good, easy to grow.
    • Advantages
      Thanks to Herbies team!!! 
      Great strain!  👏
    • Disadvantages
      Didn’t notice any
    • General impressions
      I have only one thing to say about this strain. BEST I’VE EVER TRIED...!
    • Advantages
      A must have strain
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      This plant was a big success. It finishes early-mid October in southern Ontario but even the remnants of a stolen plant that had to be harvested on September 26 were excellent. Big plant. Lovely aroma. Nice energetic, clear high that lasts a good while and comes down easy. Hard to ask for more. This and White Widow will be the mainstay of my 2020 - 2021 gardens.