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Cannatonic by Resin Seeds is the original mother of CBD strains. Growing like an Indica and smelling like a Sativa, this cannabis hybrid with 1:1 THC-CBD ratio is a true medical wonder. Feminized for your convenience, it helps to combat chronic pain issues, stress, anxiety and depression.

  • Resin Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Ideal for therapeutical use
  • Reina Madre x NYCD
  • 500 g/m² indoors
    250 - 400 g/plant outdoors
  • 63 - 70 days
  • October
  • 50 % Sativa / 50% Indica
  • 4 - 25 %
  • 4 %

The Exact Medicinal Strain You’re Looking For

Cannatonic derives from Queen Mother (Reina Madre) and NYCD and is said to be the most effective medical cannabis strain. It is designed for indoor and outdoor growing, so it’s incredibly versatile and well-suited for both terrains. Its growth pattern is mostly Indica, Cannatonic develops robust and compact side branches. Its medium-sized flowers with few leaves are dense and resin-covered, which makes the trimming process extremely easy.

Indoors, you can expect a flowering period of 9-10 weeks, and outdoors each plant will be ready to harvest at the end of October. The total yield for an indoor square meter is around 500 gr/m2, whilst outdoors you can expect anywhere from 250-400 grams per plant.

About half of the seeds will be around the 1:1 CBD/THC ratio (with a THC content of around 20-25%) – however a quarter of the seeds have high CBD and low THC content, one can expect around 75% of seeds to be CBD-rich, which happens when the CBD content is higher than 4%. If you mix all the buds together for extraction, you end up with an oil with around a 1:1 mix on average.

  • Light: 600W
  • Distance from light (cm): 100-120
  • Temperature: 24-28C (optimal: 26C)
  • Water: EC water 1.2, PH water 6.0-6.5
  • Watering technique: flooding
  • Fertilizers: Bio Vega/ Bio Rhizotonic

Unwind and De-Stress with Cannatonic

Cannatonic is ideal for therapeutic use throughout the day. The unique mix of high THC and CBD opens another dimension of anti-anxiety, gives a de-stressing feeling, relieves muscle tension and helps to cure sleep disorders. This magic of CBD benefits is combined with truly delicious flavors. Its piney and citric notes are based on a pungent sweet background, which makes Cannatonic a perfect medical cannabis delight.

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