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CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) feminized seeds

CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) from FastBuds is a feminized autoflowering strain which came about as a cross between the famous Sativa-dominant Green Crack and a high-CBD Ruderalis strain. Her 1:1 CBD:THC ratio and indoor yields of up to 450 g/m² have made her a favorite among growers since her release!

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Fast Buds
Outdoor Indoor
35% Sativa / 65% Indica
THC 7 % CBD 7 %
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CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack): A High-CBD Green Crack Hybrid

CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) is a feminized autoflower from FastBuds. Resulting as a cross between the famous American Sativa-dominant Green Crack and a high-CBD Ruderalis clone, CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) is widely used for treating a variety of ailments as result of her 1:1 CBD:THC ratio.

Sativa-dominant Cannabis After Just 9 – 11 Weeks!

CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) is a Sativa-dominant variety that takes 9 – 11 weeks from seed to harvest. Well-suited for both indoor and outdoor growing, she produces up to 250 g per plant or up to 450 g/m2 when grown indoors. Generally staying short and stocky with a final height under 100 cm, she can take almost any training thrown at her. Growing fast and strong, with great resistance to pests and diseases, CBD Auto 1:1 (CBD Crack) is finding its way into more and more gardens worldwide. Here is some further information to help you grow this strain:

  • Short height – this strain grows up to 100 cm.
  • Max EC of water – 0.9 in veg, up to 1.2 in flower.
  • Water pH; 5.8 – 6.0.
  • Yield: 450 g/m2; up to 250 g/plant outdoors.
  • Recommended lighting: Veg: 315 W CMH, Flower: 600 W LED.
  • Recommended nutrients: CANNA COCO range.

Relaxation For The Mind And The Body

Due to her 1:1 CBD:THC ratio and up to 14 % total cannabinoid content, her effects are quite relaxing, mellow and uplifting – perfect for treating anxiety. Day-time consumption leaves you clear headed, focused and ready to function. Her smell and aroma are citrusy, pungent and spicy with hints of cinnamon and mango – truly unique!


  • Brand Fast Buds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Autoflowering
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Positive thinking
  • Genetics Green Crack x CBD autoflowering
  • Height 80 - 110 cm
  • Yield 450 - 550 g/m² indoors
    50 - 170 g/plant outdoors
  • From seed to harvest 63 - 70 days
  • Genotype 35% Sativa / 65% Indica
  • THC 7 %
  • CBD 7 %
    2 August 2021
    2 August 2021
    • Advantages
      I can suggest this strain to anyone (from beginners to experts) who would like to try a very high quality CBD strain. The effect is very nice, something different and more mellow compared to normal THC strains, and I think you should really try it at least once in your life. 
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      It’s been very fun to grow her. Tried topping on autos for the first time, and it worked like a charm. The fun fact? I got 155g wet in a 5L pot! I got far less with my Gorilla in her 18L pot. It’s all about training! This strain has been amazing. Very strong, and will tolerate nutrients very easily (even some error like overfeeding). With this one I tried some experiments, like giving organic bloom boosters together with mineral ones, and it worked great. I could only give her less of that, because some leaves suffered a bit in the late stage.
      I tried a small bud from those hanging on the net, and the effect is amazing. It’s mellow, but you feel positive, happy, and a little relaxed at first. After like 20 minutes, THC loses some (it’s still there!) of its initial potency, and opens the stage for the CBD, which will make you feel very relaxed! The scent is still not so much mango, but it reminds me to that smell. Will see after some curing! 
    Photos from customers
  • Tripaholic88
    28 August 2021
    28 August 2021
    • Advantages
      These buds are so sticky and loaded with terps. Im excited to find out what this strain is!
    • Disadvantages
    • General impressions
      It looks like this new Fastbuds CBD strain is going to be a great yield of some sticky buds!
      when smoking this strain as for the high i get some cerebral buzz from it but then a VERY nice tranquil indica stone kicks in that i can still get my work done with and not be glued to the couch. I will give some of this strain to my grandmother who deals with nerve pain/neuropathy and arthritis pain.
    Photos from customers

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