Cheesy Ryder feminized seeds

Karma Genetics

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The Cheesy Rider cannabis strain is for the production grower that needs a massive harvest and a shockingly pungent aroma that will turn heads from a mile away. While Cheesy Rider bathes in the HID lighting, you will think you are looking at a disco-ball rather than a cannabis plant. When you are ready for attention, look no further than Cheesy Rider.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • An overall sense of euphoria
  • Cheese x Biker Kush V1.0
  • Medium
  • Medium / High
  • 63 - 77 days
  • Sativa / Indica hybrid
  • No official information

Cheesy Rider - Bring Out The Real Exodus Cheese In Your Garden

The Cheesy Rider cannabis strain is a hybrid that’s crossed with the legendary Exodus Cheese Cut and Biker Kush V1.0. These are timeless genetics that has pushed the cannabis scene into a realm of outrageous aromas, flavors, and effects. By introducing Cheesy Rider into your garden, you’ll have a piece of history that will become an integral part of your operation.

When growing Cheesy Rider cannabis seeds, the aspect that you should consider first is the smell. Cheesy Rider is set to burn your neighbor's nose with her rancid smell, so it is essential that you use a larger-than-normal carbon filter.

This cannabis strain is known to grow huge spearhead buds, which makes her the ideal candidate for the Sea of Green method. Do not allow too long of a vegetation period, as she may outgrow your space.

  • Vegetation Time: 2-weeks;
  • pH: 6.3 (soil);
  • EC: 1.8 (flowering);
  • Flowering Lighting Schedule: 12/12;
  • Vegetative Lighting Schedule: 18/6;
  • Humidity: Below 65% RH.

The Perfect Strain For Everyone

You will be hard-pressed to find someone with something negative to say about Cheesy Rider. Packed full of trichomes, terpenes, and THC - she is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Anyone who indulges will become endowed with creativity, happiness, and an overall sense of euphoria. When you need a strain that is sure to beat back any negative thoughts, always reach for Cheesy Rider.

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