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Chem3 OG by the  Cali Connection Marijuana Seedbank, the cali connection have  once again brought you some of the finest cannabis seeds in the industry. Mainly based on genetics from the Californian Coast, USA.

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Cali Connection Chem3 OG Seeds Info

These guys marry the finest marijuana strains with their favourite OG Kush legendary variety, to produce some of the finest pot or weed seeds with rare genetic material thta is not usually available to seed collectors.

In the growing collectors market place this is sure to make Cali Connection  very popular. This strain is a cross between the infamous Chemdawg hybrids and the ultimate OG in the cali connections gene pool.

The guys explain the cross like this:

"Chem #3 is one of the last 4 chemdawg seeds that were planted. Out of the last four, they were all great but Chem #4 was pronounced the keeper. This will be interesting, but the Chem #4 might have a more potent smoke with nuances in the high in comparison to Chem #3. i took the Chem 3 clone only and hit it with my SFV OG f4 male"