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Chizpa By Zatu feminized seeds

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The Chizpa By Zatu feminized cannabis strain has a name that implies fast mental effects that energize the soul. Around 2 months waiting for flowers to ripen results in high yields of resinous, sour yet sweet buds packed with elevated THC contents that provide long lasting effects.

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Chizpa By Zatu: Spark of Quality!

Chizpa By Zatu feminized cannabis seeds develop into manageable, medium-tall bushes that take up to 10 weeks to finish producing bountiful yields of large, resinous flowers with sour aromas and sweet flavors. Euphoric effects add joy to watching her glorious growth!

Christmas Trees, Gift For All!

This easy to grow strain produces resilient plants that can grow over 2m tall with a Christmas tree structure or candelabra shape. Their leaves are big and wide, and grow form nodes that are separated from each other by long distances, allowing this strain to naturally grow well-ventilated and extremely resinous buds. Very high calyx to leaf ratio makes her a wonderful manicuring exemplar. It can be grown indoors and outdoors. Expect high yields after a flowering period between 9-10 weeks long, allowing for outdoors harvest during the last weeks of October.

  • Min. vegetation time indoors: 1 month;
  • Best flowering EC: 1.2-1.6;
  • Minimum lighting: 600 Watts HID, 315 Watts CMH, 240 Watts LED;
  • 11/13 photoperiod after week 9 of flowering helps shorten flowering time;
  • Excellent for SCROG, LST, SOG.

Sour Sweetness

This potent strain increases lucidity and provides ecstatic head-highs. Great for depression, appetite stimulation and daytime recreational use. It exudes a fruity aroma that transforms into sour flavors that are backed-up by spices and woody incense, making any connoisseur drool.


  • Brand Positronics Seeds
  • Sex Feminized
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
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