Chocolate OG Regular (Purple Caper Seeds)

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Chocolate OG’s dank buds have a rich taste of gasoline and an aroma that’s deeply skunky. This powerhouse strain contains the best of OG genetics, and her effects will have you deeply couch-locked in the most euphoric way possible. Don’t make any plans for after smoking this potent plant!

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Purple Caper Seeds
Outdoor Indoor
Indica dominant
THC 27 - 32 %
All characteristics

Chocolate OG Regular Strain Info

Purple Caper Seeds really knocks it out of the park with this regular strain! These breeders know what they’re doing, and it’s obvious in the quality of Chocolate OG – an Indica-dominant (80%) strain that should be in every Indica lover’s greenhouse.


Chocolate OG is an Indica-dominant strain created using pure OG Kush phenotypes from the Bay Area and crossing them with Chocolate Kush. The breeding father is an OG Kush “X”, created from Fire OG and True OG. Such a strong Indica family tree means that plants will be stocky and strong, and the buds dense and potent. The resulting strain is an incredibly powerful cannabis variety that grows vigorously and produces quality buds.

Flowering Time

Chocolate OG has a fairly standard flowering time for a photoperiod Indica. When cultivated indoors, plants will need anywhere from 63 to 70 days in the flowering stage with lights on a 12/12 schedule.


Growers can expect impressive harvests with Chocolate OG, which will deliver hefty yields both indoors and outdoors. For indoor operations, growers can expect yields of 1.75lbs (800g) per 1000 watt. Outdoors, growers can expect yields falling into the “large” category.


Cannabis enthusiasts can expect to be blown away by the effects of Chocolate OG, which deliver a potent, full-body stone not long after consumption. Thus, she’s very appropriate for medical consumers due to her potency. This powerhouse strain makes users feel relaxed, happy, and euphoric, although it can induce sleepiness as well!

THC And CBD Levels

Chocolate OG has inherited many amazing genetic characteristics from her ancestors, including OG Kush’s incredible potency. This strain will knock your socks off with a THC content of 27-32%, making it a top-shelf Indica hybrid.

Smell And Taste

On top of her potency and yield size, Chocolate OG boasts an incredible flavor profile that’s bursting with terpenes. Her buds release an odor of sweet gasoline that’s strong and pungent. The smoke tastes skunky and also of petrol, reminiscent of a gas station on a beautiful summer morning.

Grow Tips

Chocolate OG is blessed with superior OG Kush genetics that make for cannabis plants that are a pleasure to grow regardless of skill level. Its Indica characteristics make this strain appropriate for indoor operations, since the plants will not grow too large.

  • These vigorous plants do best indoors or in a greenhouse, but outdoor grows also see successful harvests.
  • Plants are likely to grow to a medium height in a structure similar to a Christmas tree.
  • Be patient during the flowering stage – let Chocolate OG go a few extra days before harvest if it looks like the plants need the extra time.

Chocolate OG Seeds

Purple Caper Seeds have really outdone themselves with Chocolate OG, and we at Herbies are happy to provide cannabis enthusiasts the opportunity to buy these regular seeds online. If you love Indicas, this Bay Area strain should be next on your list!


  • Brand Purple Caper Seeds
  • Sex Regular
  • Flowering type Photoperiod
  • Suitable for Outdoor
  • Suitable for Indoor
  • Effect Irresistable mix of potency and flavor
  • Genetics Chocolate Kush x OG Kush BX
  • Flowering indoors 56 - 70 days
  • Genotype Indica dominant
  • THC 27 - 32 %
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