Colombia Mangobiche regular seeds

Czech Republic
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The Colombian Mangobiche cannabis strain is for landrace Sativa lovers. It is incredibly rare to find landrace strains due to increasing hybridization, but the Colombia Mangobiche cannabis strain is one of the last genuine varieties available. When you are searching for the elusive hallucinogenic high - look no further than this strain.

  • CannaBioGen
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Happy and trippy
  • Colombian genetics
  • High
  • Medium / High
  • 112 - 168 days
  • 100% Sativa
  • No official information

Colombia Mangobiche - Colombia’s Finest In Your Garden

If you are looking for the top Colombian landrace sativa - you have found it. The Colombian Mangobiche cannabis strain produces a massive harvest in 16-weeks. Although this may seem like an eternity, the quality of the buds is worth the wait. This strain is beyond legendary, and the opportunity to grow it may only come once in a lifetime.

When growing the Colombia Mangobiche cannabis strain, you will need to prepare yourself for 16-24 weeks of flowering. This is an incredible amount of time to babysit a plant, but the dedication will pay off in beautiful flowers that are easy to manicure.

This plant does not respond well to topping or any other type of manipulation and is best left to grow in a natural way.

  • Container Size: 15L and above;
  • Growth Environment: Outdoor;
  • Lighting Requirement: Full Sun;
  • pH (Soil): 6.6;
  • Outdoor Temperature: Less than 36℃;
  • Outdoor Humidity: Less than 70% RH;
  • Growth Style: Natural.

An Unbelievably Trippy Experience

If your mind is made of steel, then step right up for this mind-bending experience. The Colombia Mangobiche is not meant for beginners, and at times, even veterans. This landrace strain offers users a hallucinogenic experience that is seldom felt with marijuana. If you have been searching for the ultimate high- this is it.