Crazy Lazy feminized seeds

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Crazy Lazy is a feminized cannabis strain for a lazy, yet crazy afternoon! Sedative effects with sweet and minty flavors are produced by its resin-packed buds that are ready for harvest after around 2 months of blooming time! The American genetics in this stinky cultivar provides the best quality and highest yields!

  • Positronics Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
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Crazy Lazy: Chop The Sweet Relaxing Mints in 70 Days

Get ready for Indica effects with sweet Sativa flavors thanks to Crazy Lazy feminized cannabis seeds. They produce vigorous plants with potent, fruity and fresh aromas and huge flowers that add-up to high yields after 70 days of flowering time.

Not so lazy

Crazy Lazy is a tricky name, because this strain is not lazy in its growth. On the contrary, it grows vigorously with a thick, dominant main cola towering over a decent amount of short branches. It produces many leaves and takes well to defoliation, which becomes necessary to help air circulate within the plant’s foliage. Flowers form big and dense, with admirable amounts of resin glands. Stealth growers must use odor control systems.

Its flowering phase is crazy fast, lasting a maximum of 70 days. Outdoor plants will reach a short to medium size, and can be ready for harvest at the end of September.

  • Proper ventilation during flowering is mandatory;
  • Indoor light per m²: 400-600 Watts (HID), 240-300 Watts (High Efficiency LEDs);
  • 1.0-1.4 EC during vegetation; 1.5-1.8 EC during flowering;
  • Excellent for Mainline, SCROG and SOG.

Green delight!

Herbs with penetrating aromas that remind of sweet tropical fruits and minty plants in mossy woodlands. The cannabinoid content of this strain provides effects that will slow down thoughts and lock your body into your bed, relaxing all your muscles for a pleasant, delightful sleep!