Critical Lemon feminized seeds

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Critical Lemon is a feminized cannabis strain that gives you a beautiful, citrusy taste with hints of grapefruit aromas. She combines an impressive yield of 500-600g/m² with a high THC count of 19% for a plant that is an easy and enjoyable plant to grow that bears her fruit after just 50-55 days.

  • Advanced Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Relaxation as deep as Indian ocean
  • Critical Lemon
  • 80 - 100 cm indoors
    200 - 250 cm outdoors
  • 500 - 600 g/m² indoors
    600 - 800 g/plant outdoors
  • 50 - 55 days
  • Early October
  • Indica dominant
  • 19 %

Critical Lemon: Adaptable Strain With Excellent Production

Critical Lemon is a feminized crossbred cannabis strain coming from the very popular Critical – It combines a hugely impressive growth rate, robust structure and stability of the original strain – with an added intense citrus flavor to top it all off. Exceptional for growing, this time Critical gives you the best of both worlds, making it very pleasurable for the consumer.

Critical Lemon will adapt exceptionally well to all crop conditions and is incredibly easy to grow – making it a popular choice among both beginner and veteran growers alike. This ease-of-use is coupled with a high growth rate, reaching only 80-100 cm indoors but can stand 200-250 tall outdoors, and high production of buds and efficient calyx-to-leaf ratio, making it easy to manicure. With the right care, a grower can expect to reap 500-600g/m2 of buds from a 50-55 day flowering period (outdoor this translates to harvest time of early October). She gets her relatively short flowering time from her predecessor, Critical. Make sure to follow along with its growing guidelines to ensure maximum cultivation of each seed.

  •  THC content comes in at 19%
  • Mainly an Indica strain, makes for a calming and relaxing sensation

Powerful Lemon Flavour

Critical lemon takes what made the original strain so popular - its ease of use for growers - and added in the Indica-heavy lemon flavour, giving both the grower and user an exceptional experience to behold. Ideally enjoyed in the evening where you can de-stress and relax.