Critical Purple Kush feminized seeds

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Critical Purple Kush is ready to be added to your favourite collection of high-quality strains. The hybrid, feminized strain’s high production quality, 550-600 g/m² with a flowering period of 55 days - combined with a great sweet flavor makes this plant a perfect choice for relaxing, complete with an Indica-rich, warming taste.

  • Advanced Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Cosmic calming experience
  • Critical x Purple OG
  • 75 - 100 cm indoors
    200 - 250 cm outdoors
  • 550 - 600 g/m² indoors
    600 g/plant outdoors
  • 55 days
  • Early October
  • Sativa / Indica
  • 18 %

Critical Purple Kush: A Cross, Purple Flowers, and a Huge Yield

Critical Purple Kush is a feminized hybrid cannabis strain – combining the popular original Critical strain production with top-notch flavor that will satisfy any palette. The production is from a private genetic pool – with exclusive Critical and Purple OG - whilst still resembling the structure of the original critical. This plant has a color closely resembling purple OG, giving you the best of both.

This Indica-dominant strain can attain manageable heights of around 75-100 cm indoors. Expect that after more than 2 weeks indoors the plant can get a little too big – you may need to support the branches if planning on growing for longer periods. A low flowering period of only 55days means impatient growers can expect a fast and quality harvest of 550-600 g/m2 from this strain. Outdoors the plant will grow a little larger, from 200-250 cm, and is ready for harvest in early October. The resin production on Critical Purple is also outstanding, making it a popular choice for the creation of hash and concentrates.

  • Recommended Nutrients: GHE, Fox Farm.
  • Indica-dominant strain, with 18% THC.
  • Recommended Techniques: Low Stress Training (LST) and Defoliation.
  • Lighting: Responds well to LED 400W lights used during both the vegetation and flowering stages of growth.
  • 15L+ Pot size.

Like Coffee and Soil

Critical Purple Kush is an exceptional hybrid. This new strain combines two well-known strains which has created a product with a sweet flavor and an interesting and complex aroma that combines the scents of coffee and soil.