Cum Laude feminized seeds

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Cum Laude is a feminized cannabis strain known for best genetics available. This daughter of Reina Madre, Tijuana and Original Haze needs only 10 weeks for flowering and provides high amounts of anise-smelling buds with mind-blasting euphoric highs. A resilient plant to meet the highest standards!

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Cum Laude: Trees for Humid Places

The Cum Laude feminized cannabis seeds develop into resilient plants that last around 70 days blooming. Sativa effects that stimulate creativity and activity, with an exotic aromatic profile contained in high yields.  Beginners must try this!

Positronics wants growers of all skillsets to be able to enjoy the best Sativa genes without much hassle. This strain allows users to watch tall trees grow and take their natural Christmas tree shape, or prune and obtain a bushier plant that will take the stress like a champ. Also resistant to pests and fungal diseases, she grows fast and strong. Long intermodal spacing in robust stalks. Buds will grow big and spongy, filled with glittery resin.

This cultivar takes 10-12 weeks to finish her flowering phase. Outdoor plants can be ready for harvest around the middle of October.

  • Indoor light per m2: 400-600 Watts (HID), 240-300 Watts (High Efficiency LEDs);
  • Use 11/13 photoperiod for earlier harvests;
  • Ideal Temps: 59-86° F / 15–30° C;
  • 1.0-1.5 EC during vegetation; 1.6-2.0 EC during flowering;
  • Thrives in organic mediums;
  • Excellent for SCROG and SOG.

Complex sweetness

Cum Laude is a strain with strong anise aromas and hints of lavender, coffee and spices transforming into earthy and mossy flavors.  This complex sweetness will accompany lucid effects that release mental tension and last forever, providing long lasting fun times!