D Kush LTD feminized seeds

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The D Kush LTD cannabis strain is for those that are in the know. It’s limited for a reason, and if you’re looking at this strain, then you know what’s it’s capable of. This legendary strain produces unforgettable flowers packed with potent resin in 9-11 weeks. If you’re ready for the ultimate connoisseur strain - then this is it.

  • Karma Genetics
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • With all pleasure
  • ChemD x SFV OG Kush BX2
  • Medium
  • Medium / High
  • 63 - 77 days
  • Indica dominant
  • No official information

D Kush LTD - An Indica Rarity For Your Stash

The D Kush LTD cannabis strain is one for the books. This mostly Indica-dominant hybrid will turn your garden into a source of envy among your friends. By crossing the famous Chem D with the potent SFV OG Kush BX, D Kush LTD was born. This strain is incredibly limited - so you need to act fast before it disappears entirely.

When growing D Kush LTD cannabis seeds, you’ll need to invest in a robust carbon filter. This strain emits pungent odors that are set to have your neighbors questioning the incredible terpenes in their home.

A 2-week vegetation time is sufficient as D Kush LTD is known to stretch during the pre-flower stage.

  • Growth Tip: Sea of Green Technique;
  • Flowering Lighting Requirement: 12/12;
  • Vegetative Lighting Requirement:18/6;
  • Container Size: 11L;
  • Flowering Time: 9-weeks;
  • EC: 1.8.

Jump On The D-Line

When you’re ready to throw your worries away and enter a state of bliss, crack open your D Kush LTD stash and indulge. You’ll find yourself aboard the D-Line in no time, which is your one-way ticket to Indica bliss. D Kush LTD is nearly medicinal in the way she provides stress relief, so this strain shouldn’t be taken for granted.