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Dark Chunk regular is a strain that will please all kinds of growers and consumers. This easy-to-grow cannabis wonder with green will embrace you with relaxing floral and spicy aromatic array of flavors and make all problems shade away.

  • Xtreme Seeds
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Relaxing floral pleasure
  • Shiva Blue x Deep Chunk
  • Short
  • 350 - 400 g/m²
  • 63 days
  • September
  • 100% Indica
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Collaboration Brings Quality

Dark Chunk is a regular cannabis strain that brings quality before quantity. The medium yielding plants from this strain will be 100% Indicas in all their aspects. Narcotic, bodily effects are complemented by the earthy and spicy aromatic blends that exude from the purple toned flowers.

Breeding Indica

This strain will grow into a classic compact, Indica structured plants with vigorous growth rates. Excellent candidate for breeding since it has a 50% chance of producing males. The flowers that develop from these plants will have leaves that gain a purple tone in the stems and underside of the leaves.

The dark green of the leaves will either turn purple or gain a sugary texture thanks to the huge amounts of oily glands protruding from them. Excellent strain for cannabis extracts, such as BHO or simply for dried hashish. Trichomes will seem to grow everywhere in the plant!

Flowering phase lasts around 2 months. Outdoors growers in the northern hemisphere can expect to harvest by August or September. Yield is around 350-400 g/m2. Low-stress training and topping can help increase the final yield.

Intro To Indicas

This strain is ideal for growers and users who have not encountered a pure Indica strain before. Effects are narcotic, aimed for bodily relief and relaxation. Flavors remind one of wet soil, with pungent hits of hot and herbal spices.

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