Destroyer feminized seeds

Czech Republic
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Destroyer Fem cannabis strain by Cannabiogen is not only admired by recreational users but her medical fans as well. As a beautiful plant of fascinating lavender aroma and powerful effect, this exotic lady is the best option to brace yourself mentally and physically. Perfect to tease your senses any time of the day!

  • CannaBioGen
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Divine clarity
  • Meao Thailand x Mexico / Colombia
  • Medium / High
  • 84 - 98 days
  • Early November
  • 100% Sativa
  • No official information

Destroyer - Beautiful Damsel

This feminized Sativa-dominant strain is a product of Cannabiogen’s seven years of hard research and sessions of inbreeding and backcrossing of several generations. All thanks luck for bringing such a fascinating hybrid composed of a tropical landrace Meao Thai and a very stable Mexican/Colombian variety. The result of this marriage is a powerful and exotic girl loaded with the finest qualities you can expect from any Sativa plant.

During the flowering period of 12-14 weeks, Destroyer Fem forms large colas with floral aromas and hints of lavender. The strain is known for highly resinous buds with THC-loaded trichomes responsible for a powerful psychoactive force. This girl is a high indoor and outdoor yielder and can grow as a very tall plant due to Sativa genes. Although Destroyer performs well indoor and outdoor as is suited for ScroG or SOG technique, only skilled grower may choose to have her in their collection.

  • THC is 20% with a CBD of 1%.
  • Very resistant to pest and mold attacks.
  • She requires sufficient light both indoor and outdoor and will prefer less nitrogen and a dry condition during its flowering period.

A Sedative Charmer

As her name suggests, Destroyer Fem induces a strong cerebral euphoria. The strain is a perfect choice to boost your mood and alleviate from stress and depression. She smells fresh with an appealing flowery aroma and a little touch of lavender – just like a nice medicine. Maybe that is why Destroyer Fem is also known for her medicinal value – the strain helps to control pain and muscle tensions.