Double Gum Regular Seeds

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The Double Gum regular cannabis variety is famous for its relaxing high and bubblegum flavor. It’s a gourmet strain and mostly popular among recreational users. With moderate THC levels, this strain is good for both novices and experienced users, and while not well-known in the medical marijuana community, it can be used to decrease stress and anxiety.

  • White Label Seed Company
  • Regular
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Greenhouse
  • Sweet dreams
  • Bubblegum x Bubble Gum
  • 80 - 100 cm indoors
    100 - 120 cm outdoors
  • 450 - 600 g/m² indoors
    up to 350 g/plant outdoors
  • 45 - 50 days
  • Mid October
  • 20% Sativa /80% Indica
  • 15 - 20 %
  • 1 %

Double Gum Regular: A Chill And Heavy High

Like most Indica-dominant strains, Double Gum Regular produces a pleasant body high with relatively mild cerebral effects. Because its THC content tends to be moderate, there’s little risk of feeling overwhelmed. However, while users often feel happy and uplifted, this is definitely not an energizing regular marijuana strain. Instead, it leaves consumers feeling pleasantly heavy and like they’d rather relax on the couch after a long day.

Yes, Double Gum Really Tastes Like Bubble Gum

Double Gum Regular exhibits a fun and playful taste and aroma profile, thanks largely to its Bubble Gum parentage. Double Gum is considered a gourmet strain, and boasts a strong and surprising sweet taste and smell that will remind you of strawberry bubblegum. To really experience this regular marijuana strain’s classic bubblegum taste, try using it in a bong or vaporizer.

A Small Plant With Big Yields

Double Gum Regular isn’t a huge plant, growing to a maximum height of 80cm (31.4 inches) indoors and a modest 2m (6’6”) outdoors. Since it requires a warm climate, it’s best suited to greenhouses and indoor cultivation, although it can be grown outdoors in the right conditions.

  • It has a short flowering cycle of just 50 days.
  • It’s an easy plant to care for and requires only standard nutrients.
  • Yields are extremely impressive, producing 350g (12.3 oz) of bud from a single plant.
  • Outdoor harvest time is in September.

Bubble Gum Genetics Have an Air of Mystery

Not a lot is known about Double Gum Regular’s genetics, but we do know it’s derived in large part from the Bubble Gum strain. Bubble Gum, unsurprisingly, gives Double Gum its unmistakable sweet aroma and happy and euphoric high. However, there are also significant differences between the two strains. While Bubble Gum is a slightly Sativa-dominant hybrid regular cannabis strain, Double Gum is much more heavily Indica-dominant at about 80% Indica and 20% Sativa.