G13 x Blueberry Headband feminized seeds

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No fancy name required, G13 x Blueberry Headband stands out in a crowd. The infamous cross of two legendary strains produces a mellow and blissful high that’s ideal for day or night. You’re also likely to crave the strain’s distinctive, spicy, and robust flavor as much as her effects. G13 x Blueberry Headband is a perfectly balanced hybrid with a well-mannered potency that’s just as versatile in growth.

  • Emerald Triangle Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Mild and relaxing journey
  • G13 x Blueberry Headband
  • Medium
  • High
  • Early October
  • 40% Sativa / 60% Indica
  • No official information

G13 X Blueberry Headband Strain Info

You’ll be blown away with the vigorous growth, high yields, and well-balanced effects that breeder Emerald Triangle Seeds delivers with G13 x Blueberry Headband. The OG strains together have a rich history, creating a modern-day cross that’s blazing its own trails. G13 x Headband ends up being almost equally Sativa and Indica, meaning it has traits any recreational or medical user can love.


We’re sure we don’t have to explain this strain’s lengthy lineage, as it’s all there in the name, its parent strains being G13 and Blueberry Headband.

Flowering Time

Taking its flowering time from the more Sativa side of its characteristics, G13 x Blueberry Headband has a somewhat lengthened duration to reach full maturity – typically between 9-10 weeks.


Indoors or outdoors, you can expect to harvest around 450g/m2 (1.5oz/f2) of G13 x Blueberry Headbands big buds.


You’ll feel exactly why some strains are worth combining with the effects of G13 x Blueberry Headband. The strain elevates your mind with a dreamy haze, while stimulating creativity and critical thinking for social activities or daytime use. As your mind becomes uplifted, your body winds down with the strain’s calming and comforting effects. G13 x Blueberry Headband is highly effective for relieving pain, with a slightly couch-locking buzz.

Smell And Taste

Sweet, sour, and spicy is the best way to describe G13 x Blueberry Headband’s dynamic terpene profile. The strain is pungent in heavy diesel notes, with rich and robust berry flavors.

Grow Tips

First and foremost, the tight internodal spacing of buds delivers high yields and gorgeous plants to watch bloom as they mature. G13 x Blueberry headband is definitely worth the wait of her longer than normal flowering time. It’s also naturally resistant to common pests and molds, making it ideal for beginner growers. The strain is highly successful to grow indoors or outdoors, but keep the following tips in mind:

  • Use carbon filters to dispel the strain’s pungent scent.
  • Be mindful of the strain’s odor when attempting to be discreet.
  • Plants can benefit from topping or LST to maintain heights.

G13 X Headband Seeds

Any cannabis connoisseur will be delighted with G13 x Headband’s growth, aroma, and well-balanced effects. Start growing now with these feminized seeds that you can already buy online at a good price at Herbies.