Gelato 33 feminized seeds (Advanced Seeds)

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The Gelato #33 feminized cannabis strain is a diamond hidden in the rough. This mind-blowing Indica-dominant hybrid produces dense, orange-haired flowers that look as though they were dipped in white sugar crystals. With this strain, you don’t need to look for a reason to celebrate, because Gelato #33 gives you a perfect one – its tempting citrusy and sorbet-like palette also envelopes 25% THC to induce a head-blasting euphoric state.

  • Advanced Seeds
  • Feminized
  • Photoperiod
  • Outdoor
  • Indoor
  • Double sweetness, double effect
  • Sunset Sherbet x Girl Scout Cookies
  • 90 - 120 cm indoors
    200 - 250 cm outdoors
  • 550 - 600 g/m² indoors
  • 55 - 60 days
  • Late September
  • Indica dominant
  • 25 %

Gelato #33 Strain Info   

Gelato #33 raises interest not only due to its delicate fruity aromas, but also thanks to its name. Not everyone knows that the number #33 is a homage to basketball legend Larry Bird. You’ll find nothing but the finest qualities with her, such as fast flowering time, massive yields, and extreme potency. This trifecta of qualities should be cherished, and especially if you’re an Indica lover, you should prioritize this feminized beauty. You will certainly always be beyond satisfied with this new phenotype of the original Gelato.


Gelato #33’s lineage is comprised of all-American cannabis stars Sunset Sherbert and Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies, whose fame has spread all over the globe thanks to not only their effects, but also their fantastic flavors.

Flowering Time   

You’ll get to harvest this star-child of a strain in just 55 days of flowering. Gelato #33’s outdoor flowering time likewise comes to an end pretty early in late September. Now you can see why Larry Bird and this version of Gelato strain play under the same number – they share the same lightning-fast speed!


Whether grown in indoor or outdoor conditions, Gelato #33 delivers abundant harvests despite its shorter structure. By the time the trichomes start turning amber, this strain will already be carrying 550-600g/m2 (1.8-2oz/ft2).


Her Indica effects are upfront and heavy-hitting, and you’ll find yourself gasping for breath after a single hit. If you had plans before indulging in Gelato #33, it’s best if you cancel them – you won’t be able to think straight once that ridiculously strong rush of euphoria hits your head. Instead, you’ll simply be having a blast.

THC and CBD Level

Advanced Seeds has done an amazing job in increasing the regular THC level of Gelato #33 and bring it to show-stopping 25%. This is more than enough to break any tolerance level of experienced tokers, and will definitely catch amateurs off-guard.

Smell And Taste   

The name Gelato #33 implies that this cannabis strain is filled with sweet terpenes. All this is true, and your taste buds will crave as much as they can get once they try this sweet and dank cookie dough flavor. The scent is just as tempting, with notes of orange, mint, and dank earth.

Grow Tips 

When growing Gelato #33, you’ll realize that she’s lightning-fast once she finds her feet. Just about any grower can cultivate this strain, because Gelato #33 does not require too much in terms of maintenance.

Due to her massive bud weight, it’s best to place support poles to ensure that her branches don’t snap. Aside from growth tips, make sure you have the best trimming scissors available for her outrageous resin coverage.

  • Gelato #33 grows short (up to 120cm/3’11”), making it perfect for smaller grow spaces.
  • Expect extreme resin production, which is ideal for concentrate artists.

Gelato #33 Seeds  

Gelato #33 seeds can be hard to find, but not at Herbies. Here, you can order feminized Gelato #33 seeds and get them delivered quickly and discreetly in no time.

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